iTEAMS Xtreme is GSSM's computer science, technology and entrepreneurship day camp for rising 7th and 8th graders across the Palmetto State. Campers explore the latest technologies while engaging their innovative side to develop an idea for a new business. iTEAMS Xtreme: Next Generation pushes students to the next level by delivering a more advanced curriculum. 

Xtreme Facts

  • Challenges include creating mobile apps using App Inventor, interactive objects using Makey Makey and Scratch, and 3D printing!
  • GSSM hires local teachers and GSSM alumni participate as assistants and role models
  • Students are selected based on grades and interest

2015 Challenges

"The students' favorite part was seeing their creativity come to life. There were so many smiles and their pride was practically tangible as they shared their products with their peers!!" - iTEAMS Xtreme Teacher

Creating an Xtreme Mobile App 
Working in teams, students will use MIT’s App Inventor to program an app for Android mobile phones that has a real-world application. The teams will pitch their app to investors.

Creating an Xtreme Interactive Object 
Working in teams, students will use MIT’s Scratch 2-Danimation software to program musical files and games. They will use a MaKey MaKey Invention Kit developed at MIT to transform everyday objects into computer keyboard commands to play their games.  The teams will pitch their game to investors.

Creating an Xtreme 3D Model 
Working in teams, students will use OpenSCAD software to program the prototype of a 3D object that will be printed using a 3D printer. They will be challenged to develop a model that will hold an everyday object like a USB flash drive, cell phone, or a pencil. The teams will pitch their prototype to investors.

Who is eligible to apply?

Rising 7th and 8th graders and teachers in participating counties. 

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