Your gift is the force that sets Govies in Motion. Donate today!

As Govies ourselves, we know that Govies are always in motion. We move away from home two years early and move into the GSSM residence halls. We move from acing every class to potentially failing our first test. We move from never having to study to learning how we learn best. We move into this community of like-minded people, and we thrive. And then we move again: to college, then grad school for many of us, and another move takes us into our career. We may move physically, across the country or around the world, to pursue our passion. We move intellectually and emotionally too, constantly growing and maturing.

This year, Govies are in motion more than ever before. The ever-changing situation with COVID-19 forces us to respond and adapt quickly. Some of our newest Govies are in motion right now, making their first move into the GSSM residence halls to experience life on campus for a few weeks.

In the spirit of Newton's Laws of Motion, we present to you GSSM's Govie Laws of Motion:

Govie Laws of Motion

  1. Govies in motion remain moving at the same speed and in the same direction until acted upon by an external force.
  2. The greater the Govie's potential, the greater the amount of force that is needed to accelerate them.
  3. For every decision a Govie makes, there are trade-offs, consequences, and rewards.

Newton's Laws of Motion

  1. A body moving in a straight line will remain moving at a constant speed unless acted upon by a force.
  2. The greater the mass of an object, the greater the amount of force that is needed to accelerate it.
  3. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Govies are constantly in motion, and as Newton's Laws of Motion and the Govie Laws of Motion suggest, their speed and direction are directly affected by external forces. We can be their driving force!

You have already partnered with GSSM in so many ways. Thank you for choosing GSSM. Thank you for sharing your GSSM experience with others. Thank you for helping other Govies remain in motion with your past gifts.

Forces to Accelerate Govie Motion
$225 Launches a student's excitement about STEM with a local summer camp experience
$830 Propels a student into a GSSM residential summer camp opportunity
$1,200 Supplies living expenses for a student conducting summer research
$2,600 Mobilizes a residential student toward their dreams by funding their meal plan for a year

Will you partner with GSSM and the GSSM Foundation to be that external force for these students? Your investment gives current Govies the push to explore new interests, build deeper connections, and expand their horizons and helps set future Govies into motion.