Clyde Smith Fund for Summer Science Programs

Although many of us know Dr. Clyde Smith as an amazing physics and astronomy instructor, and sponsor of the chess club, you may not know he was instrumental in starting the first summer science program in 1989. For these efforts and many more, I would like to introduce to you the Clyde Smith Annual Fund for Summer Science Programs. Our goal this year is to fund ten $1,000 GoSciTech Residential scholarships for middle school students, one awarded at each of the GoSciTech Day Camps.

Many of us learned about GSSM through a summer science program. In fact, 70% of students who attend a summer science program later apply to GSSM. And 45% of the current student body attended at least one summer science program at GSSM.

While these programs are an outreach opportunity to share the talent at GSSM with the entire state of South Carolina, they also serve as a pipeline to prepare students for the GSSM experience. We want to impart a love of math and science to all young people who attend our summer programs. And the way to do that is through immersive, hands-on experience they will not find anywhere else.

Would you honor the work that Dr. Smith began by supporting the Clyde Smith Fund and exposing a talented middle schooler to all that GoSciTech has to offer? This experience could set a student on a new trajectory with their education. Empower students to pursue transformative opportunities at GSSM!