Your gift is the force that sets Govies in Motion. Donate today!

As a GSSM employee, you see every day the transformational motion the South Carolina Governor's School for Science & Mathematics creates. Through your dedication and hard work, GSSM sets Govies in motion across the Palmetto State and beyond!

This year, Govies are in motion more than ever before. The ever-changing situation with COVID-19 forces us all to respond and adapt quickly. Our current Govies are moving into college-level classes and labs, studying for possibly the first time in their lives, and building a community of scholars, and they’re doing so in a new way.

In the spirit of Newton's Laws of Motion, we present to you GSSM's Govie Laws of Motion:

Govie Laws of Motion

  1. Govies in motion remain moving at the same speed and in the same direction until acted upon by an external force.
  2. The greater the Govie's potential, the greater the amount of force that is needed to accelerate them.
  3. For every decision a Govie makes, there are trade-offs, consequences, and rewards.

Newton's Laws of Motion

  1. A body moving in a straight line will remain moving at a constant speed unless acted upon by a force.
  2. The greater the mass of an object, the greater the amount of force that is needed to accelerate it.
  3. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Govies are constantly in motion, and as Newton's Laws of Motion and the Govie Laws of Motion suggest, their speed and direction are directly affected by external forces. As a GSSM employee, you are a major driving force in every Govie's life!

Forces to Accelerate Govie Motion
Over the past several years, The Student Fund has paid:
$10 Art Competition fee for a student
$40 Regional Band Competition fee for a student
$60 AP test fees for a student
$70 GSSM yearbook for a student
$80 Academic Team fees
$100 Model UN expenses for a student
$129 College visits for a student
$228 Flight for scholarship weekend for a student

Will you please join the 2020 GSSM Employee Giving Campaign to be that external force once again? Your investment goes directly to The Student Fund, which pays for current students' meal plan fees and other needs so they can focus on their studies and enjoy Govie life.

In addition to supporting The Student Fund, your participation in the 2020 GSSM Employee Giving Campaign helps the GSSM Foundation secure grants and corporate gifts. The Foundation is often asked about board, alumni, and employee giving participation rates as it seeks funding. Your gift is important! Giving at any level increases our employee participation rate, which increases the GSSM Foundation’s credibility with other donors.

Thank you for your service to GSSM and our past, current, and future Govies, and thank you for being the force behind our amazing students!