Leann Watson & Edwina Edwards Endowed Scholarship Fund

Although these two beautiful lives ended too soon, their light continues to shine through those they touched. Leann and Edwina, both alumni of GSSM, exemplified kindness, generosity, and purpose in their lives. To honor their memory and continue their legacy, we have established this scholarship fund. Its mission is to assist deserving students in covering the costs associated with meal plans.

During our time at GSSM, many of us were fortunate to receive a world-class education without financial burden.  Let's pay it forward and ensure that future generations of students have the same opportunities.
We offer sponsorship levels for those interested, which can be arranged with recurring payments:
Eagle    $50 per week
Silver     $10 per week
Blue    $1 a day
Your contribution, regardless of its size, will have a significant impact. Together, let us honor the enduring legacies of Leann and Edwina while empowering the next generation of leaders from our alma mater.
To learn more about Leann & Edwina and the impact they had on those around them, we encourage you to watch this video.
To donate, please visit www.scgssm.org/donate and select “Leann Watson & Edwina Edward Endowed Scholarship Fund” from the “I want to support” drop-down menu.