Our Brand. Our Story.

Founded in 1988, the South Carolina Governor's School for Science & Mathematics (GSSM) was created to connect motivated young learners with rigorous STEM instruction in a diverse, inclusive, and uncommonly supportive environment.

One of the few public residential high schools of its kind, GSSM has fundamentally transformed secondary education in the Palmetto State, and cultivated generations of innovators who are ready to tackle the unique challenges of our era head-on.

Our new brand helps show the world who we are, what we do, and what we stand for. We exist to serve South Carolina—to empower the Palmetto State and its young learners.

Learn more about what this new brand identity signifies—and how it came to be—below.

A Community-Powered Process

Over 300 members of the Govie community contributed to the branding process, offering valuable insights into the GSSM experience through focus groups, online surveys, and one-on-one discussions. These community members included alumni, board members, community partners, faculty, parents, and staff.

Here are just a few of the notable insights we gleaned from the research phase of the branding process:

  • 87% of alumni surveyed said GSSM's academic rigor was the most important factor in their decision to attend
  • Parents said that the increased college preparedness offered by GSSM led to their child's application
  • All audiences surveyed used the word "motivated" to describe GSSM students
  • Survey respondents described GSSM as "challenging," "community-oriented," "exceptional," "exciting," "intense," and "transformative"

Brand Pillars

After the initial research phase of the branding process was complete, GSSM assessed all of the information collected, and then set to work creating "brand pillars" based on those research findings.

Brand pillars are the unique feelings and attributes that people associate with the Governor's School. They're the heart of what makes us who we are, and will help shape all of our external-facing communications moving forward. Explore the pillars below in more detail.


Fast-paced and challenging, our unique approach to education pushes motivated students beyond their perceived levels of academic ability, maximizing their potential.


Our inclusive, tightly knit community prioritizes collaboration ahead of competition. Here, we connect all of our students with the resources they need to thrive.


We raise the bar for STEM education in South Carolina, empowering middle school students, high school students, and educators across the state to pursue their objectives and contribute to their communities.


Whether we're working with outreach program participants, summers campers, or high schoolers, we believe in comprehension—in thoughtful explorations and deep dives that alter our perspectives, and our abilities, for the better.


After the brand pillars were established, GSSM began work on its new logo.

Simple, contemporary, and sleek, the logo is true to the spirit of the school. The converging magenta and blue colors represent math and science, respectively, and overlap to create a Palmetto blue color, underscoring our commitment to the state of South Carolina.

We reinforce this point even further by incorporating the iconic crescent moon shape from our beloved state flag into the logo, visually emphasizing our mission to advance life for students and citizens of the Palmetto State through STEM experiences.

Moving forward, the new logo will appear on all GSSM communications materials.

Our Next Chapter

So, what's next for GSSM?

Soon, we will embark on an overhaul of our website, which will be redesigned with the school's new brand identity in mind. New marketing and outreach materials, as well as special "swag" and other merchandise for Govie community members, are in the works as well.

We want to thank everyone, from students to parents, faculty to alumni, for contributing to this undertaking. With an identity that accurately encompasses who we are and what we do, we're positioned to grow exponentially well into the future.