You're one of the smartest kids in your school. You get good grades easily and effortlessly. So far, high school doesn’t seem that hard.

Sound familiar?

GSSM is a residential high school program for academically advanced juniors and seniors. If you're interested in STEM, there's no better launchpad for college and career success than GSSM.

Not ready to leave home? 

For students who attend high school in one of our partner schools, we offer Accelerate, a live, online engineering program. While remaining at their home high schools, students earn college credits toward an engineering degree during 10th-12th grades. Learn more about Accelerate.

Why choose GSSM?

Better Preparation

Our students are well-prepared for college and post-graduate education…in fact, many GSSM students are doing graduate-level research right here, while they’re in high school!

Focused Studies

Our STEM-based curriculum gives you all the advanced science and math courses you want, with more freedom to create a schedule that covers your favorite subjects. Our independent study programs and research opportunities are not available at a traditional high school.

Great Friends

You may be concerned about leaving your friends or starting over in a new place—but don’t worry, everybody’s in the same boat! We’ve found that new students tend to make friends quickly here. In fact, our alumni often tell us that the people they met at GSSM have become their closest lifelong friends.

Bottom line: by choosing GSSM, you’ll go to college with a giant head start, and be that much further ahead of the pack when it’s time to apply for graduate school.

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