A Message to the GSSM Community:

It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the GSSM community, comprised of our residential juniors and seniors and their parents; our Accelerate students and their parents, part of a new and exciting venture for GSSM, now starting on an upward trajectory of growth and further excellence; and not least, the over 1,400 students and teachers we served during the summer through our STEM summer camps all around the state of South Carolina.

Having been here about a year and four months, I continue to be affirmed by the uniqueness of this place, in the small miracles of learning that happen every day for our students, and how those miracles are shared and woven into something much larger than any of us. For we are more than a collection of souls, we are a community of teachers and learners, a place to grow together, a haven where academics, art, sports and music converge and enrich each other. Perhaps, in more than a passing sense, GSSM is a bit like the knowledge banquet of Dante's Convivio, a place where we all make a living, evolving encyclopedia of what we hope for, what we aspire to be, what we challenge ourselves to become.

"I dwell in possibility," starts Emily Dickinson's poem 466. At GSSM, we indeed dwell in possibility and opportunity. We strive to make possibility a reality for the best of the best students in our state, developing  their intellectual potential through exposure to a highly demanding academic curriculum, offering college-level courses in chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, engineering  and computer science, with a strong complement of humanities content (English, philosophy, history) and social sciences (economics and finance). We enable opportunity for all talented students with the passion and grit to succeed. Possibility and opportunity are fostered by a caring and nurturing environment that develops intellectual virtues, character, wisdom, community engagement, and exemplary citizenship.

In our community, "Hope is the thing with feathers - / that perches in the soul - / and sings the tune without the words - / and never stops - at all" (Emily Dickinson, poem 314). At GSSM, we aim to learn, to change, to innovate, to inspire, to lead. We support and celebrate those who dwell in possibility and we never stop.

I hope you enjoy learning more about this unique school on our website and I welcome you to come to Hartsville for a visit.


Hector Flores
SC Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics

Reference Links:
Dante's The Convivio
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Download President Flores' Remarks from the Inauguration - GSSM's Convocation, September 8, 2016