GSSM students enjoy the thrill of competition with our athletics program.

You don’t have to leave your favorite sports behind when you come to GSSM! We have 14 varsity teams that compete, and win, throughout the state, and more than 65% of our students participate. To play for GSSM, you’ll need to get a physical to ensure that you’re healthy enough to participate. You and your doctor should complete our sports physical exam form.

Download our concussion policy and form.

Download the Parent Permission & Risk Acknowledgement form.

Download the 2015 Athletics Policies and Procedures.

Varsity Sports

GSSM’s varsity sports teams have had great success and big wins in the last few years.  Our girl's volleyball team finished 2nd in the state in 2016, and our boys' cross country team brought home the school's first ever State Championship in 2017. We have also earned regional championships in boys' and girls' tennis, cross country and volleyball.

GSSM competes in a variety of varsity sports, including:


Our combined 24 coaches, alongside the Athletic Director, Athletic Coordinator, and Athletic Trainer, provide fundamental teaching for first-time athletes as well as rigorous training to make all student athletes better.

Contact Information

Hugh O'Connor, Athletic Director

843.383.3901 x 2109

Jacob Robertson, Athletic Coordinator

843.383.3901 x 2110