New for 2018: College Planning Workshop video.

The goal of the College Counseling staff is to provide guidance and support during the college search and application process. Our personalized approach to the college counseling process assists students and parents in discovering colleges that are a good “fit” for each student—academically, socially and personally. In this process students will learn more about their aptitudes, interests and why a good fit college is more than name recognition or prestige-- it’s about finding where you can succeed and launch your career or graduate school preparation.

Generally, students will begin their college research in the fall of their junior year. Our College Planning Seminar continues in the spring of the junior year with sessions on the college search, costs and financial aid, college essays, and the application process. Each student has an individual conference with his/her college counselor early in the spring, followed by optional parent/student meetings offered via Skype, conference call or in person. One on one college planning continues through the senior year, in addition to a fall College Planning Seminar II.  GSSM’s college counselors also write letters of recommendation for each student applying to college.

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Meet Our Staff

Dr. Jenifer L. Blair
Director of College
Counseling & Advising
843.332.8226 (direct)

Mr. Jake Sintich
College Counselor
843.383.3901 x 3959

Ms. Kenetta M. Pierce
College Counselor
843.383.3901 x 3945