Accelerate's curriculum is a blend of synchronous real-time online classes, Saturday Experiences, chemistry and physics laboratory days, Summer Camps and industry internships. Each of these components is designed to deliver an innovative and top-quality engineering curriculum while engaging students in hands-on, team-building activities they will need to develop the skills necessary to succeed in engineering degrees and careers.


Accelerate courses are delivered in live, online group settings at students' high schools or Accelerate sites. Students earn either honors or college credit for each Accelerate course. As many as 49 college credit hours can be earned through successful completion of the Accelerate program. See the curriculum overview.


Students in the Accelerate program receive an integrated set of courses, Saturday Experiences and Summer Camps that delivers superior science, engineering, and math instruction.  They also develop valuable skills in critical analysis and professional communication taught in a series of English courses.  Accelerate provides opportunities for collaboration, social engagement, and research that hinge on the program’s model of integration, networking across disciplines and physical location.

Saturday Experiences 

Accelerate students usually meet on GSSM's campus to exploring everything from engineering design to robotics. Saturday Experiences may also take the form of field trips to partner engineering locations, such as CU-ICAR. These experiences occur once per semester.

Chemistry and Physics Laboratories 

Most of the instruction for our chemistry and physics classes occurs online. However, most laboratories need to be done in person. Students meet at GSSM or one of our partner universities to use the top-notch facilities while working together to complete a day of labs. 

Summer Camps 

Accelerate begins with Base Camp, a week-long, team-building camp, on GSSM's campus. Students learn basic engineering principles while exploring the nuances of working in groups. Camps are held during the summers between each school year, partnering with South Carolina universities to deliver engineering concepts in more detail, while reinforcing the group-work begun during Base Camp. 

Industry Internships 

Upon graduation, Accelerate seniors will have the opportunity to complete a summer internship or job shadowing experience with one of our corporate partners. These internships or job shadowing experiences will provide invaluable life experience.