Once students are invited to become members of GSSM, parents are provided financial aid information and fee payment instructions at New Student Orientation in May.  


Tuition is paid for by the State of South Carolina. There is no cost to parents. 


  • Student meal fee of $2,000 per student per year. Each school year, this fee is applied to help offset the cost of your child’s meal plan. The State of South Carolina funds GSSM and provides a high level of support for our residential students, including campus facilities, exceptionally qualified faculty, and a safe and supportive residential environment. Similar to most public schools, meals remain primarily the responsibility of the parent. Through this fee, GSSM parents are asked to provide about two-thirds of their student’s meal plan costs.  
  • A one-time refundable security deposit of $100 to help cover any damage. This fee is requested once the student accepts the invitation to GSSM. This security deposit will be refunded at the end of the senior year, minus any charges for damages.

Payment of Fees

The $2,000 meal fee may be paid in full or in monthly installments. The first payment is due by the first week of August.  GSSM accepts credit card payments. There will be no interest charges incurred through any payment plan.

Financial Aid

No student will be denied participation in GSSM’s residential program due to inability to pay fees. Financial aid is available. GSSM follows a need-blind policy with regard to admitting qualified students. For purposes of financial aid, GSSM uses guidelines based on the federal free and reduced lunch program’s family income scale. 

Other Costs

Optional Costs of a GSSM Student:

  • $100 Parents Advisory Council (PAC) yearly fee, which funds programs sponsored by PAC committees, such as snacks and drinks for GSSM students during athletic events and school dances and student goody bags
  • Yearbook: approximately $70, due in the spring semester
  • School ring
  • Graduation supplies (i.e., cap and gown, invitations)
  • Computer: GSSM has a computer lab for students, but many students choose to have their own personal computer.
  • SAT, ACT, AP (if not enrolled in the corresponding AP course) and PSAT test fees
  • January Interim: GSSM offers a variety of interim courses for little or no cost, but some activities, like the international trips, are more costly.

Incidental Costs of a GSSM Student:

  • Health and wellness: Students may keep over-the-counter medication in their room as long as it is reported to the nurse.
  • Academic supplies: GSSM does not have an official school supply list, but items typically needed for the school year include paper, binders, notebooks and journals, pencils and pens, a backpack and a graphing calculator.
  • Personal items and snacks: Although GSSM does not have an absolute figure for monthly allowances, keep in mind your teenager’s normal expenditures for personal use (e.g., movies or pizza with friends).
  • School dances: Winter Formal and Prom
  • Extracurricular activities and/or sports: Although GSSM supplies athletic gear and uniforms, special items may be needed.