The Alumni Association board recommends these nominees for service on the board beginning July 1, 2020. Please read about each nominee below and cast your vote at the bottom of the page.

Tyler Harvey '11
Since graduating, I’ve continued to stay actively involved with the activities of GSSM and the foundation through mentoring students in the SPRI program, developing curriculum for and as a camp director for outreach summer camps, and by working with the Accelerate program. As a lecturer of Bioengineering at Clemson, I also regularly teach recent alumni of both the residential and Accelerate programs. I believe this active involvement with GSSM and relationships with members of many different alumni classes gives me a unique and valuable perspective of the needs of the school. GSSM has been instrumental in shaping my career and in my personal mission of advancing access to STEM education in South Carolina. The opportunity to serve on the Alumni Association Board would allow me another way to become involved with and serve as a resource for recent classes alumni and current students, to help strengthen the relationship between alumni base and the school (especially areas like Outreach and Accelerate that many residential alumni are less familiar with), and provide me another way to give back to GSSM, which has had such a profound impact on my life.
Rusty Hawes '14
I am interested in joining the GSSM Alumni Board of Directors because I want to help current students and alumni make the most of our alumni network. GSSM gave every one of us a strong start heading into college, but the benefits of attending the Governor’s School can extend well past graduation. I want to connect alumni with current students to show the many different career paths we have followed, as well as to emphasize how GSSM prepared us for these careers. In addition, I would like to foster mentorship opportunities between senior alumni and younger or college-level alumni. These types of relationships will help recent graduates capitalize on the alumni network, and aid GSSM’s mission of generating future leaders. Finally, active involvement of alumni with current students, as well as strong inter-class connections among alumni will promote a positive and supportive community culture that will make the GSSM experience better for everyone.
Lauryn Jamison '10
Like many others that have attended the South Carolina Governor’s School of Science and Math, I can say that being a “Govie” changed my life. Along the way I learned about birds from Dr. Bill, took organic notes from Dr. Jones-Coopers that would ultimately get me through my college courses, and learned that history is all about LAND. I also learned how to study for the first time, I met some of my best friends, and I learned more about myself than I ever could have imagined at the time. As a young girl from Orangeburg, South Carolina, I had very limited dreams of “What I could be when I grew.” GSSM helped to build upon those dreams and helped me to develop the tools needed to achieve them. Since graduating I have tried to stay connected to the GSSM community through participation in summer camps and outreach programs, fundraising and foundation events, and alumni events. I have recently relocated to West Virginia for work, but I would like to continue to contribute to the future of The Governor’s School. It would be my honor to serve on the Alumni Board and to help GSSM continue to grow and impact other students from the state of South Carolina.
Lotta Keller '16
Hi, fellow alumni! My name is Lotta Keller, GSSM Class of 2016. I was highly involved with GSSM and with the Foundation in my time at our school, and I would love to contribute that same energy to our alumni association.

We are currently in a time where getting together is hard, and where we have to stay apart to keep each other safe. Why not use this as a chance to build more connections with each other? There are around 2,500 alumni throughout the USA and around the world. Our chapters and reunions have brought some of us together, but I want to explore ""virtual chapters"" to bring together Govies in more remote regions. We should also consider the different degrees of involvement that alums want to have with GSSM and with each other. Some of us have time to connect with current or recent students interested in entering our fields; this calls for more contact with the school. Others of us want more occasional updates on GSSM and on each other as we focus on our own journeys. Both goals could be achieved by adding opt-in updates. Whether these particular ideas are feasible or not, I would like to keep coming up with ways for us, the alumni board, and GSSM to engage productively.

Darby Kirven '08
As a graduate of the Class of 2008 and recent employee of the GSSM Foundation, I am interested in continuing to find new ways of serving the School as an alumnus by contributing to how alumni engage with students, how alumni connect with one another and encourage each other to increase their channels of engagement with the School.
Bailey Oedewaldt '14
I am interested on serving on the Alumni Board of Directors because I believe that GSSM is largely what set me up for success in my career. The rigorous academic environment not only made sure I was prepared for my undergraduate and graduate degrees, but also helped me become an adaptable employee and lifelong learner. However, during my undergraduate ang graduate degrees, as well as the start of me career, I would have loved to engage further with other GSSM alumni and to have had more mentors who could have helped guide me and advise me on my choices. As a member of the Alumni Board, I would strive to engage more frequently with recent Alumni, particularly those who may attend university out of state or move their career path away from STEM, as I did, so that they could receive continued mentorship from other GSSM alumni. Seeing other young Alumni on the board can help current students and recent alumni become more comfortable engaging with the Alumni Association. Additionally, I am well versed in public speaking and mentorship engagements, as I am a member of the Junior League of Washington and have spoken on a number of panels in my career field, including engagements at the Department of State’s largest annual event, the Overseas Security Advisory Council’s Annual Briefing. These skills will help me become an effective and engaged member of the GSSM Alumni Board.
Shevon Thomas '00
I believe the board could use some diversity and differing opinion. As a Black woman, we are the very few that attended GSSM, and our life experiences while attending there, our thoughts and views matter. I wish for more of us to be involved as alumni as we have a wealth of experience and support to offer.


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