When we were students, many of us did not think about all the expenses our parents had to pay for us to attend GSSM, especially those of us who did not have to pay a meal plan fee. Today, the average GSSM student pays about $5,000 each year. Twenty-five percent of current students (70) qualify for some level of financial aid. With your help, we can provide for not only the meal plan, but also all the other financial needs a student has while at GSSM. Together, we can eliminate financial stress so students can focus on their studies and enjoy life as a Govie.

2019 Meal Plan $2,400
Yearbook $70
Graduation Materials $100
Academic/School Supplies $200
Personal Items $550
Winter Formal and Prom ($300 each) $600
College Visits ($100-$1000) $500
College Application Fees $100
Field Trips $150
Competitions/Conferences $200
Technology (Notebook Computers) $500
Standardized Test Fees $70
Total $5,440

As alumni, it is our vision that current students have the full and complete Govie experience that transformed our lives. Your gift makes GSSM possible for a current student.

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