2023-2024 Outstanding Alum Nominees

The Outstanding Alum Award is presented annually by the GSSM Alumni Association to a person who, through their post-GSSM education, work, and personal endeavors, exemplifies the success one can achieve through the foundation of a GSSM education.

Nominee Nominator's Comments
Tremayne Goff ’92 Tremayne is a scientist who has recently become a phenomenal creator/producer/actor of his own series (you don’t know Jack) that has won multiple awards at multiple film festivals. He’s kind and caring and I love to see his star continue to shine.
Craig Michael Lie Njie ‘93 Craig was a classmate of mine in class of 1993. He's listed on Obama white house web site as a Champion of Change, their web page lists his accomplishments. The one I found most impressive is that he helped found the Computer Science program at the University of The Gambia while he was a member of the Peace Corp.

Joseph Pelfrey '95 Joseph is the deputy director for NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. Just look at his professional bio! He's dedicated his career to furthering human space exploration, a dream that no doubt drives many young people to pursue science and math studies.
Lily Elsner ‘10 I want to nominate Lily for all the work she has done. She has had a lot of great experiences. She graduated from Wellesley in 2014. Did a stint in NYC and then DC. She has also worked the wine harvest in NZ. She got her Masters from Oxford. She has since started her own company where she is breaking down barriers around the stigma around male fertility in the UK. Lily has become a leader in the biotechnology business and is working to reduce the cultural stigma around male fertility. Her work is focused on empowering people of all genders to take charge of their reproductive health.
Morgan McManus ‘18 Morgan worked on providing free and affordable advice to pre-med students (and high schoolers) who are aspiring physicians, especially to those from underrepresented communities that don't often have access to mentorship. She did all of this while applying to and eventually attending medical school. I personally think that even more mentorship opportunities should exist for anyone aspiring to go into a healthcare-related profession. I think Morgan really took a pioneering first step to address the lack of necessary support/knowledge. What nudged me to nominate her was also that even aspiring medical students from far away universities (as in those who usually had no way of knowing her) knew about her mentorship program. This shows that she has reached many individuals and inspired them.
Moira Lopez de Leon ‘20 At the University of South Carolina honors college, Moira has already made a lasting legacy. Working in the lab of Dr. Peter Vento, she has conducted and presented research on addiction and successfully won several grants to continue her research throughout college and into graduate school. As an intern in the Office of Career Development, she created a unique program that pairs U of SC pre-health students with medical students at MUSC and USC Greenville for multi-year mentorship. Furthermore, on campus, she serves as the president of four campus organizations and on the executive board of two more. Her work on mental health with the campus community won her recognition and membership in Omicron Delta Kappa honor society. While this is only a brief summary of her many achievements, she deserves recognition as a young alumna of the highest caliber. Not to mention she did all of this while taking classes and maintaining a part-time job to pay for college.