Dr. António de Ridder-Vignone

French Instructor , Academic Affairs Division and Teaching Faculty

Educational Background    

  • PhD and MA in French Literature from Cornell University
  • MA in French Literature from Indiana University
  • BA in French from the University of South Carolina Honors College

How long have you worked at GSSM?

I've worked at GSSM since August of 2015.

How long have you worked in academia?    

I've worked in academia since 2005.

Tell us what you love about working at GSSM.    

I love working with passionate and capable students, faculty, and staff. I love the environment of the school itself - the spaces inside and outside our buildings, the excellent food in our cafeteria, and our location close to downtown Hartsville. I love being able to do something about my ideas.

Are you a member of any professional organizations?    

I am a member of the Renaissance Society of America, the American Association of Teachers of French, and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Please list and describe any personal information you would like to share.    

I have two bilingual children, I live less than two miles from GSSM, and I transport myself and my kids with a Yuba cargo bike. Buy a Yuba cargo bike today! (No, I don't moonlight for them.)

Give us a Twitter-style short bio about yourself. 

I speak English, French, Italian, Flemish, Spanish, Swahili, and German (at different levels).

What would your students be surprised to learn about you?    

My father lived through the Nazi occupation of Belgium.

What is your perfect pizza?    

My perfect pizza is one that my brother and his wife make. They are amazing.

What's the best thing about Hartsville?    

The people here are friendly and optimistic.

Who would be invited to your fantasy dinner party (living or deceased) and why?    

Françoise Sagan, so that I can say « Bonjour tristesse » when she walks in the door.

What's your favorite quote?    

"I know I can / be what I wanna be / if I work hard at it / I'll be where I wanna be" - Nas

Anything else you'd like to tell us?    

We NEED the Italian wedding soup with meatballs every day. As we sing in Flemish, "Geef me maar soep soep soep meeeeeeet ballekes, meeeeeeet ballekes, meeeeeeet ballekes..."