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10 Ways Your Giving Makes a Difference At GSSM

June 19, 2017

As the fiscal year comes to a close, we’re counting down the ways your giving makes a difference at GSSM! 

1. Your gift supports Residential Financial Aid! Did you know no student will EVER be denied participation in GSSM’s residential program due to inability to pay fees? That just wouldn’t be cool. On average, the GSSM Foundation gives $70,000 every year for residential financial aid.

2. Your gift supports SPRI & RESP. Did you know every GSSM student completes a summer research experience across South Carolina, the country, and the world? This year, students are conducting research as close to home as USC and Clemson, and as far away as China, South Korea and Germany. In the fall, they’ll compile and analyze their research findings and prepare formal research papers.

3. Your gift supports Project Verge. Part of the GSSM Foundation’s initiative to create an innovation ecosystem built around alumni, Project Verge was a two-day thinktank aimed at connecting GSSM alumni with each other and with SC-based entrepreneurs and innovation leaders. Stay tuned for information about Verge 2018!

4. Your gift supports GSSM’s Summer Satellite Programs! This summer, we’re offering iTEAMS Xtreme: Next Generation, an interactive camp focused on science, technology and robotics, and CREATEng, a project-based camp designed to encourage students to apply principles of engineering design to solve daily challenges, to students across South Carolina.

5. Your gift supports GoSciTech! GSSM’s annual, residential, summer science camp, serving rising 8th, 9th and 10th graders, GoSciTech provides unmatched opportunities to explore the endless possibilities of science and technology in an interactive, residential environment.

6. Your gift supports GSSM’s Career Services Center! Created to address GSSM’s mission of positively impacting economic development in South Carolina through the cultivation of our current students and alumni, the Foundation has developed our Career Services Center to assist our alumni with internship and career connections and placements. Interested? Contact Renee Williamson at!

7. Your gift supports Alumni events! Looking to stay connected with GSSM? The GSSM Foundation hosts a variety of alumni events, including tailgates, Winter Gathering, Young Alumni Nights, Alumni Reconnects and more!

8. Your gift supports GSSM’s student clubs and activities! Did you know this year we were able to send the Microgravity Club to Cleveland to compete in NASA’s Microgravity Challenge? They took home first place!

9. Your gift supports Startsville! Last summer, the GSSM Foundation took the reins on Startsville, a startup incubator in downtown Hartsville. Originally established in 2013 as a part of Clemson University’s Technology Village pilot program dedicated to establishing innovation centers in small rural communities, Startsville has since transitioned into a vibrant centerpiece of the GSSM innovation ecosystem.

Haven’t had a chance to give yet? There’s still time to show your support! Visit:

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