12 Days of Application Season: 12 best things about GSSM!

January 5, 2017

12 best things about GSSM:

1. The Friendships

The best thing is the students. The time you spend together, whether it’s crying about tests or being crazy lunatics down the hallway, forms bonds that will last for years to come. It might sound cheesy, but this place helps you to find out who you are and who you want to be with. – Isaiah Ho, 2017

I think the best thing about GSSM is being able to build strong friendships. When your closest friends live right down the hall you have the best support group you could ever need. They'll be there when you need a laugh or when you need a shoulder to cry on. – Olivia Free, 2018

2. The Teachers

I think the teachers are the best thing about GSSM. They are always willing to help with anything and they are just fun to talk to as well. – Brennan Cain, 2017

The teachers aren't just great teachers, they are great people. Students go and talk to teachers because we enjoy it. – Jack Madden, 2017

3. The Community

My Favorite thing about GSSM is how amazing the people are. Everyone from the students to the teachers seem to be interested in making sure you're doing and feeling well. The teachers especially take an interest in what you need to do well in classes and just how your day is going. – James Walker, 2018

I think the best thing about GSSM is the community and how everybody helps each other out when we need it! – Matthew Magee, 2017

You get so much closer to the people here because we all live and learn together 24/7. – Chelse Vanatter, 2018

The people – Brittany Bynum, 2018 & Bailey Ryanne Clark, 2018

4. The Opportunities

The school helps students get the best opportunities, not just by finding them but also offering help to achieve them (My trip to Cleveland, for example, was financed through the connections GSSM has). – Jack Madden, 2017

It helps students prepare for college. – Emelee Guest, 2018

5. Life Outside the Classroom

For me, it's about the life outside of the classroom. First off, the autonomy is great since you have the freedom to dictate how your day will be after classes. – Thien-an Bui, 2018

6. The Classes

The classes are challenging but also engaging! – Delaney Walden, 2017

7. The Food

Breakfast of champions and the 6 a.m. walk to Hardee's on the morning of graduation. – Paige Swanson, 2017

Food on special days like breakfast of champions and Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner. – Delaney Walden, 2017

8. The School Spirit

As an athlete, I love our gym, and the family feel of our sports teams is great. – Delaney Walden, 2017

Paint ups for games and school spirit! – Paige Swanson, 2017

9. The Environment 

I've never been a part of such a positive environment. The way the students here build each other up is absolutely amazing to me. And the teachers!! I've never met such nice or smart people. I wouldn't rather be learning from anyone else. – Melissa Shugart, 2018

10. Exam Week!

Exam week, it's super stressful but you get closer to your hall mates. – Delaney Walden, 2017

11. The Art

Before I came to GSSM, art was one of my favorite pastimes, and I loved to keep sketchbooks and paint after school. However, as a high schooler, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do one day; I just knew I didn’t want to forfeit some of my passions to pursue only one. It was this thinking that led me to come to GSSM, where I knew there was an art room for students to use whenever we wanted throughout the day, as well as engineering classrooms with 3D printers and biology labs with advanced microscopes.

Now, not only can I take rigorous classes in Physics and Calculus, but still pursue what I love doing outside of the classroom. I can even tie my classes and art together here by drawing out complex concepts and diagrams for projects or to help me study. – Claire Moore, 2017

12. Dorm Life

Walmart and food runs with the RA's and the mini buses and my RLC, Jenna Roberts. – Delaney Walden, 2017

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