12 days of Application Season: 5 Interim Trips Abroad

December 29, 2016

Did you know for three weeks before the second semester begins, students at GSSM participate in a "mini-mester", or January Interim, where they focus on one elective course? Interim is a great way for students to ease into the new year, and the wide variety of course offerings allows students to tap into undiscovered talents and explore new hobbies!

Check out this years 5 trips around the country and globe:

Tech Trek: Boston and New York City

The sixth annual GSSM Tech Trek will provide students unique access to the worlds of tech entrepreneurship and finance via a weeklong field study in Boston and New York City and will give students an opportunity to tour the campuses of Harvard, MIT, and Columbia. Planned visits include a Wall Street investment firm and the New York Stock Exchange in Manhattan, a leading venture capital firm on Route 128 in Boston, and tech startups in both locations. Students will also learn about life in each city through private tours and meetings with GSSM alumni. Students will experience a cultural event in both cities, including a Broadway play in Manhattan. Students will fly direct to Boston from Charlotte, travel the Acela Express high-speed train from Boston to NYC, and then fly home direct from NYC to Charlotte. The interim will begin with in-class study of the cities and organizations to be visited. The student group will include a maximum of 6 seniors, in order to afford more juniors the opportunity to see the colleges visited on this trip. Students will sleep four per room, and the group will consist of exactly 8 males and 4 females or 4 males and 8 females in order to minimize lodging expenses. The cost of the trip is all-inclusive. This trip is intended for students who have a strong interest in technology and entrepreneurship and who desire to be founding leaders of the next wave of innovation here in South Carolina.

An Adventure into the American Southwest: An exploration into the natural history of the Grand Canyon Area

Join us on an adventure to the spectacular national parks of the American Southwest. We will visit Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Parks, while learning about the history, geology, and biodiversity of the region. Our activities will include hiking the Kaibab Trail in the Grand Canyon, viewing the Colorado River from the infamous Ooh-ahh Point, the rim of Bryce Canyon, and the Narrows on the Virgin River of Zion. A boat trip through the Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River will provide a breathtaking opportunity to view the geological strata. The trip will end with a star-gazing visit to the Lowell Observatory, one of the oldest observatories in the United States. We will also learn about the cultural importance and history of the area, including a day of service on the Hopi Reservation. This interim allows unique hands-on opportunities to experience some of America’s most valuable natural treasures. 

Behind the Iron Curtain

Travel through the Iron Curtain and World War II to Gothic cathedrals and ancient cities that are now more vibrant than ever. Berlin mixes historical significance, rich culture and an exciting cosmopolitan energy. Prague, which escaped the bombs of World War II, woos you with old-world charm. And in Krakow and Budapest, two of Europe's most underrated cities, architectural gems await around every corner. Students will be engulfed in a variety of experiences. In Berlin, a major capital city, you will see amazing modern architecture rising from the remnants of its communist past. Many travelers don't know that Prague is the second most popular city in Europe, perhaps because of its cozy downtown area and the beauty that escaped destruction. In Krakow, a UNESCO world-heritage site, you go deep into a land that was taken over by Germany and then controlled by the Soviet Union. Budapest, the joining of two cities separated by the Danube, offers bargains, castles, and its iconic parliament building within steps of each other. 

Costa Rican Exploration: The Benefits and Challenges to Nature Conservancy

This is an exceptional opportunity to explore Costa Rica’s unique landscapes and diverse flora and fauna as we travel throughout the country, from San José (the capital city) to the Pacific coast. Some highlights include:
Kayaking below the Arenal Volcano.
A zipline experience over the Monteverde Cloud Forest, home to over 100 mammals and 400 species of birds.
Rafting through the Sarapaquí River.
Exploring the richly diverse rainforest of the San Manuel Antonio National Park, home to a number of unique tropical species including squirrel monkeys, iguanas, and sloths.
Swimming at one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful white sand beaches.

Mediterranean Coast: Italy, France and Spain

This trip focuses on a living, breathing Europe, vibrant with culture. After a flight into Milan, the journey begins in Cinque Terre: five Italian hillside villages renowned for their rugged beauty and picturesque location. From there, students will travel to the French Riviera, where they will spend time in both Monaco and Nice. The trip concludes in Barcelona, an ancient city which combines medieval beauty with the infamous modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudi, especially his Sagrada Familia cathedral. This trip is designed to minimize required activities and maximize student choice. Aside from a few core activities focused on art and architecture, students will have the chance to follow their own educational interests: they can visit subterranean Roman ruins, see groundbreaking art by Picasso and Dali, tour legendary cathedrals, shop (or window shop) in high fhigh-fashionicts, and stroll along Mediterranean beaches, depending on their interests. And of course, they will have many opportunities to partake in the internationally renowned cuisine of Italy, France, and Spain.

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