12 days of Application Season: 7 Meals at GSSM

December 31, 2016

Ever wonder what a Govie eats on a typical day? We joined our students on exam week to find out just what fuels their creative brains. Check out 7 meals at GSSM!


After morning exams, students are excited to eat mac and cheese and waffle fries in the Dining Hall.
On special occasions, Govies enjoy BBQ picnics on the outdoor patio.
Check out these cinnamon roll waffles - a Govie creation in the Dining Hall!
Junior Joshua Huggins enjoys pizza and a corndog following his morning exams!
On her final night before heading home for the holidays, Kaitlyn Baldizzi enjoys her dinner in the dining hall.
Senior Ivey Li's lunch isn't complete without a bag of Doritos.
Finally, and probably most importantly, is Breakfast of Champions! A late night treat before exams start, Breakfast of Champions gives our students a chance to refuel and have fun before finals begin!


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