12 days of Application Season: 8 Study Spots

January 1, 2017

1. Your dorm room! Spacious and clean (at least sometimes), your dorm room is the perfect place to get some studying done.
2. Outside! GSSM has an awesome campus, perfect for studying under the sun.
3. During the warmer months, 'Eno Village' makes the perfect study hideaway.
4. Ever tried studying on the window sill? Govies get inventive with their favorite study spots.
5. Here's senior Brittany Tuten, studying on her futon in her room.
6. The couches in the Front Lobby make for a great study spot!
7. What's better than studying in the GSSM Dining Hall? Students study for their final exams while snagging a plate of food.
8. With your professors! GSSM's teachers hold office hours, just like college professors, meaning they're there to give you any extra help you may need!


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