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November 20, 2017

For nearly 30 years, GSSM has provided students across South Carolina with a nationally competitive education, a one-of-a-kind residential experience, and access to unique summer research internships. As we count down the days to #GivingTuesday, we’re reflecting on what makes this School so special as we #GiveThanksForGSSM.
Here are a few things that we’re thankful for:
1. Our Residential Program: We’ve always been a step ahead when it comes to high school. Our two-year, public, residential program is open to rising juniors with curriculum focused on advanced science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, and mathematics courses, along with a unique emphasis on the arts and humanities. For nearly thirty years, we’ve been perfecting this program and have matriculated nearly 1,900 students.

2. Accelerate Virtual Engineering Program: One of GSSM’s newer initiatives, the Accelerate Virtual Engineering program gives students in South Carolina a jump-start on the college engineering degree. Provided by GSSM and SC college partners, Accelerate allows students to live at home and continue at their local schools while providing the high quality education for which GSSM is known. Classes are LIVE and not pre-recorded, accessible via multiple mediums (computers, teleconferencing, etc.) provided for and maintained by GSSM.  

3. Satellite Programs & Pipeline Builders: As one of the leading high schools in America, GSSM is always reaching out beyond the walls of its highly successful residential program to impact students across SC with its Outreach programming. Last summer, we hosted 18 camps, 1,394 campers, and 111 teachers and SAs. But it doesn’t stop there! Our annual efforts impact approximately 10,000 teachers and students statewide through a variety of unique offerings!

4. Extracurriculars: Did you know the GSSM foundation helps to fund a variety of student clubs, initiatives, and activities? With over 54 student clubs and activities to choose from, GSSM really has something for everyone. Clubs like 4-H, Art Club, Photograph, Youth in Government, National Honor Society, Robotics, Outing Club, and Student Council allow our students to pursue their passions beyond the classroom. See a full list of clubs and activities here.

5. Career Services Center: To address the GSSM Foundation's mission of positively impacting economic development in South Carolina through the cultivation of students and alumni, we’ve developed a Career Services Center to assist with internship and career connections and placements. The CSC offers one-to-one talent matching services for alumni, up-to-date job and internship postings, customized recruitment connection plans, and SMARTgathering networking events held annually across the state. Learn more by visiting

6. Startsville & GSSM Launch: A creativity hub in downtown Hartsville, Startsville is designed to incubate startups, collaborations and new innovations generated by our alumni, students, members of the Hartsville community, and other eager entrepreneurs from across the state. GSSM Launch is an emerging initiative designed to support alumni with entrepreneurial start-up ideas aimed at South Carolina. Launch connects alumni to our state’s business leaders, manufacturers, venture capitalists and more, with the goal of helping our graduates start, relocate or grow their SC-based businesses.

7. Research: Research is an integral part of the GSSM experience. From summer research through SPRI and RESP to year-long research through the Scientific Investigations (SI) course, GSSM provides students real-world research opportunities!

8. Faculty & Staff: GSSM’s incredible faculty is always there to guide our students through their GSSM Journey! Our 31 full-time instructors are experienced in their fields, as well as in their classrooms. They’re passionate about their areas of study and challenge students to think independently, critically, and beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. Did you know? 100 percent of our faculty holds master’s degrees and 90 percent holds PhDs!

9. January Interim: Coming back from winter break can be a shock to your system...that’s why we’re thankful for January Interim! A three-week course or trip designed to ease students back into school work, January Interim gives them a chance to explore subjects they only dreamed they could study in high school.

10. GSSM Community: Students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and donors. Together, we make the GSSM Community - one of the most special aspects of the Governor’s School. Today, as we #GiveThanksForGSSM, we’re raising our glasses to you. Thanks for all you do to support GSSM!

Haven’t participated in the GSSM Giving Campaign? There’s still time. You can donate now!
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