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GSSM's 2nd Annual Etiquette Dinner

December 3, 2015

At the second annual GSSM junior class Etiquette Dinner, students had a chance to hone valuable etiquette skills. 

A joint effort between GSSM’s “Life & Leisure” and “Entrepreneurial Leadership” seminars, the dinner gave students instruction and deliberate practice with a formal dinner to prepare them for future real-life scenarios like business interviews, company banquets and wedding receptions.

“I think that having the dinner has provided me with enough experience that the next time I go to a formal event I won't be as anxious and I'll be able to be myself instead of worrying about messing up,” said Jillian Marlowe, GSSM Class of 2017.

Before the dinner, the students attended an hour-long seminar that taught them the basics of formal table dining. They learned everything from which fork to use for which course to how to properly enter the dining room and seat themselves.

"We want our students to be comfortable in whatever settings life may present to them,” said Dr. Alison Evans, GSSM’s psychologist and counselor. "This course of study falls in line with our overall focus on developing a person’s Emotional Intelligence, which speaks to a person's abilities to navigate life.  While a strong IQ is helpful, research shows it is the EQ that most accurately predicts success and satisfaction.”

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