Interview Day: Five Fast FAQ

March 23, 2017

Interview Day is this weekend and we've got the answers to a few of your frequently asked questions!

​​What should ​I​​​ wear?

While there is not a dress code for Interview Day, you should always present your best self. For young men, you may choose to wear slacks and a polo shirt or button down shirt. Or, you might go all-in with a suit and tie. For young ladies, you may wear slacks or a skirt and a nice top or a dress. Again, consider your own style and let your choice reflect your personality, comfort, and the impression you want to make. It is important to note that your GSSM photo ID will be taken that day, so wear something you don't mind being photographed in. 

​​Should I bring anything with me? 

We don't require students to bring anything to Interview Day, other than a smile and pleasant disposition. I would not encourage you to bring a resume. We have your completed application which details your most significant accomplishments so there is no benefit to submitting additional information at this time. 

​​What is the interview format? 

Students interview in small groups with two GSSM faculty/staff members, so no need to be concerned about being in an one-on-one setting. Think of this interview as a conversation with friends. Each person has a chance to speak and something valuable to add. Use this time to engage with your prospective classmates and to provide the interviewers insight about your points of view and personality.​​

​​What is our best advice to you? 

Relax and be yourself. The most successful interviews happen when you are authentic.

What will my parents do during Interview Day?

While it’s not required that you parents come to Interview Day, we have a special parent event in the Student Activity Center where they’ll get to talk with current and former GSSM parents about their experience.

Good luck!

We're all rooting for you!

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