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January Interim: Trekking Through NYC and Boston

January 20, 2015

During the month of January, the students of GSSM are blessed with having an interim period during which we are allowed to participate in a range of activities from origami to flying glider planes to traveling to China or the Galapagos. During this period, a group of 13 of my classmates and I had the opportunity to fly to New York and Boston to explore the technology and entrepreneurship in these cities. Our trip started in Boston, where we took a tour of the city and visited TechStars, a company that helps facilitate the growth of start-up companies by giving them funds and mentorship. We also visited the campuses of Harvard and MIT. My favorite thing in Boston was visiting the MIT Media Lab, which is an interdisciplinary research lab.  The Media Lab had a lot of cool projects, such as Biomechantronics, which is the research project led by Dr. Hugh Herr. Dr. Herr is a double amputee due to an unfortunate mountain climbing incident. He now works at the Media Lab to create prosthetics that match or surpass the functionality of the human leg. The ideas at the Media Lab don’t stop there! We were also able to see the work of Dr. Hiroshi Ishii and his lab. Their project, called Tangible Media, works to create an interface between people, digital information, and the environment. The Media Lab was buzzing with amazing ideas and projects, and to be in the midst of it all was amazing.
After our well-spent days in Boston, we headed off to New York City where we visited Jane Street Capital, a trading firm, and took a tour of Central Park, Wall Street, and the 9/11 Memorial, which was incredibly moving. One of my favorite things in New York was being able to see Les Miserables on Broadway. The performance was AMAZING, and my roommates for the trip and I blared the songs until we went to sleep that night and the day after. Having the experience of visiting New York and Boston was incredible, and it left me with memories that I will treasure for years to come. Nevertheless, as interim comes to an end, I’m excited to start my last semester of high school! :)

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