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The Making of a GSSM Goody Bag

October 31, 2014

Every month our Govies look forward to getting a surprise in their mailboxes, courtesy of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). These Goody Bags serve as care packages and are packed and sent by Govie parents each month. Not just any Govie pa

rents, however. Getting one of the coveted nine monthly slots available for Goody Bags can be tricky– even competitive.  I remember my first year as a Govie parent. I would have loved to prepare the Goody 

Bags for our Govies, but I was not quick enough to sign up, and the months were scooped up right away.  This year was different. I paired up with a partner, and between the two of us, we were able to nab the October Goody Bags for this school year.

So, what exactly goes into the making of a Govie Goody Bag?  Lara Simpson (mom to Olivia, class of 2015), my Goody Bag partner, and I quickly set to searching for unique and yummy treats to include. After finding just the right items, we thought, “How can we make these Goody Bags really special?” Our answer was not in more treats so much as it was in the folks involved in the process. We posted the idea on our York County GSSMParents Facebook page: “Come join us for a Goody-Bag-Stuffing Party and bring items to donate for the Goody Bags!”  The idea took off–we had Govie parents dropping off items at the house, shopping at Sam’s Club for deals and joining us for an afternoon of bag-stuffing fun.​

While we were proud of the terrific Goody Bags we prepared, we had just as much fun getting to know one another and, yes, talking GSSM. We just wish we could see the faces of the students as they opened those awesome October Goody Bags!!

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