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Meet GoSciTech Camper Timmy Outing II!

June 18, 2015

Timmy Outing II is a rising freshman from Hopkins, SC and will be attending A.C. Flora High School this fall. Since Timmy’s hobbies include hanging out, talking about cars, and playing video games, he decided to take Computer Games taught by Dr. Roger Newman-Norlund this summer at GoSciTech. While Timmy has a vast knowledge of computers, he would like to learn more.  

So far, Timmy’s favorite part of GoSciTech is the free time after classes because he likes to unwind and take a break after a long day of classes. Timmy’s Computer Games class has been showcasing their athletic talents in kickball and soccer against other classes such as Minecraft and Classical Physics.  

Timmy currently plans to be an architect or international architect in the future. Timmy is also interested in returning to GoSciTech to take Carolina 201, so he can learn more about cars and auto racing. Timmy plans to apply to GSSM in the future and we wish him the best of luck.

Note: Timmy is not a fan of praying mantises. After a close encounter with one, Timmy screamed and moved the bug away from him.

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