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Meet the GSSM Thinking Machine!

April 15, 2015

Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist known for his drawings depicting a chain reaction of events, started by one simple motion, using as many energy exchanges as possible, ultimately to perform a very simple task. The minds of GSSM have come together, inspired by Goldberg’s vision, to create a Thinking Machine portraying all of the different ideas intertwined within our school. As with our residential community, though each idea represented on the machine is distinct, all of them are interconnected, supporting and feeding off of each other.

This piece demonstrates how something small can spiral into something great. At GSSM, all it takes is initiation on the part of a student, represented by our converse sneaker jolting the platform, to get the metaphorical ball rolling faster and faster, often along unexpected roads, until finally reaching the goal. Along the way lie representations of some of the most important parts of GSSM: our academic program, our global connections, and our love of fun and music. Our Thinking Machine is an embodiment of the many varied traits, mindsets, and passions that can be found in the eclectic collection of students, teachers and everyone else associated with our school: fast and slow paces, quirks, jerks, art, science, math, sports, curves and corners, concepts and details. All of these different ways of thinking and doing unite to form one enlightening, energetic whole:  GSSM.

Note: The Thinking Machine made its debut during the iMAGINE Upstate STEM Festival on April 4, 2015.

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