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SmartCloset: Bringing an App to Life

October 21, 2016

The idea of SmartCloset was born in November of 2015. GSSM alumni Zach Laprise, Collin Edwards, and Ben Epstein realized that having to decide what to wear every morning was too frustrating and time-consuming. 

They thought up a solution to this problem in the form of an app that would tell you what to wear every morning based on your schedule, the weather, fashion trends, and your closet. The app would search for professionally designed outfits that could be put together with the clothing items already in your closet.

The team met Michael Meyers, CEO of Tradeversity, at GSSM’s 200Keys teen tech conference in March and pitched their idea to him. Michael liked the idea and helped Zach, Collin and Ben get some crucial foundation pieces put in place. Henry Mayo, GSSM senior, was recruited in April to be the Chief Technology Officer and he immediately began working on a landing page website and, soon to follow, the beta version of the app. 

I was asked to join SmartCloset in July. Since then, I have worked with the team in app development, especially pertaining to the female experience of the app, and marketing. Marketing an app that is not yet available in the market is a huge challenge. But, it has also been a fun learning process. I’ve had to teach myself a lot about marketing in a short amount of time. However, your will to learn is greater when the topic you are learning about is something you love. 

Working for SmartCloset has further confirmed my desire to study marketing in college. I, as well as the rest of the SmartCloset team, am determined to make this app successful. You can read more about SmartCloset’s journey and the app at

This fall, SmartCloset will be submitting an application for the University of South Carolina’s entrepreneurial competition called The Proving Grounds. The Proving Grounds competition is exclusive to current USC students and alumni. The competition has a goal of accelerating innovative business concepts. The winner has the opportunity to earn as much as $50k in seed money. 

For SmartCloset to differentiate our application from the other competitors, it is crucial that we validate our problem and our solution. If you think SmartCloset could be a big help to you, we encourage you to sign up to be part of our exclusive beta tester community. The more people that we can prove have an interest in our product, the stronger our application will be for the competition. Only two applications advance to the final pitch competition held on November 17th at the Darla Moore School of Business. We would love to be one of them and have a shot at winning up to $50k. 

Winning the competition would be a game changer for SmartCloset. We would be able to recruit another developer which would speed up the process of bringing the beta version of the app to the market. The sooner we can have people testing the app, the sooner we can gather feedback and start making improvements. The SmartCloset team is extremely fortunate to have had the support of GSSM and its amazing faculty and staff along our journey. We are so thankful for this support and hope that we can deliver an amazing app

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