So you are thinking about applying to GSSM?

October 26, 2015

So you are thinking about applying to GSSM? 

Good! Go for it! The application may seem daunting, but I promise, it is worth putting in the time. 

Applying to GSSM for me meant opening up a world of possibilities. Every student’s experience at the Governor’s School is different, but they all share positive commonalities.

For me, GSSM meant the following:

  1. I had the chance to start over, reinvent myself and pick up better habits, a stronger work ethic and a newfound sense of responsibility. 
  2. I could take STEM-oriented courses that reaffirmed my interest in engineering and helped me solidify my feelings to make a more informed decision during my college application process. I didn’t have to apply “undecided” to any schools because my classes helped me to know what I did and did not like.
  3. I expanded my circle of comfort from my family and group of friends at my home high school to a statewide network of current GSSM students and alumni. I became a part of something larger, while remembering my roots and foundation. 
  4. Even though I walked onto campus the first day of my junior year not knowing a soul, I have made incredible friendships and formed close knit bonds with my peers because of the nature of GSSM. Students here are in a high-stress environment without the immediate support of family, so the students in their classes and on their residence hall become that new support system.
  5. GSSM is the perfect transition from high school to college. I am still technically considered a “high school student” but I don’t feel like one and I have far fewer jitters about going to college than my friends from home. I know how to live with a roommate, do my laundry with quarters, survive dining hall food (and avoid gaining the “freshman 15”), manage a monthly budget, study for massive exams, deal with a block schedule, manage my time and most importantly, how to balance school work, a social life and sleep (aka learned how to nap).

Applying to GSSM does not mean committing to it. Just apply, and see where it goes! It would be better to decide GSSM is not the right fit than to wonder “What if?” for the rest of high school.


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