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We Can Art: GSSM's Artistic Philanthropy

February 1, 2016

This year, the same people who brought you their attempt at the world's longest blanket form have come up with another brilliant event, which we are calling We Can Art. The idea came about in an effort to top the attempt for the world's longest blanket fort, but let's face it: that's next to impossible.

This year, we shifted our focus from breaking records to helping the less fortunate in Hartsville. We Can Art is a new artistic concept, something that will dazzle your eyes: a collection of sculptures made entirely out of canned goods. 

Over the next few months, we will be collecting canned goods to create our masterpieces. Groups of students will use them to built sculptures within the Governor's School building, creating an art gallery of sorts. We're really excited to see what our creative classmates will design and how much food we can collect.

After the sculptures are displayed, all canned goods will be donated to local charities here in Hartsville.

At this point, we're still collecting canned goods and monetary donations for We Can Art. If you're interesting in helping us give back to the Hartsville community, you can do so online at

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