Why Interim abroad is even more amazing than it seems

October 21, 2016

No classes, wooooo!

I’d say this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Time with friends…not studying

You spend the first part of the year making amazing friends. But, especially for juniors, interim will be the first time you really get to spend an extended amount of time with your new friends outside of an academic environment. You get to know a new side of everyone and become even closer with them.

Learning what YOU want to learn

You pick which trip you go on based on your interests. In the days leading up to your trip you learn about where you are going with the people who are going with you. So, I may have lied earlier when I said there were NO classes during interim. But, sitting in a classroom learning about the culture, environment, and history of the place you’re about to travel to doesn’t really feel like a boring class. 

Appreciate the place you go to

Because of all the learning you do before your trip, you appreciate the place you’re going so much more. The tradition and culture you see all around you means so much more. You have a better understanding of the reasoning and origin of the way the people in this foreign country live.


If you’re a foodie like me, you don’t just see food as nourishment. You see it as an adventure. No matter where you go you will most likely be exposed to food you have never seen before. In peru I ate a guinea pig on a stick. Not many American teens can say that they’ve done that. 

Get to know teachers better

Not only do you get to know your friends better, you also get to know the teacher chaperones better! Its always great to see a different side of teachers, they’re pretty fun.

Rejuvenated to start second semester with a bang

By the time interim is over, :/, you have had enough time off to really relax with zero assignments looming in the back of your mind. You are totally rejuvenated and ready to kick second semester in the butt. Honestly, interim is so necessary for your academic stamina in second semester. I don’t think I could go straight into second semester without giving my brain a bit of a break and a taste of something new.


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