The branding kit is your go-to resource for creating gssm-focused communications, helping you define your audience, focus your message and tell the school’s story in a fresh, compelling way. Download logo files, get details on GSSM's fonts and colors, and find document and presentation templates to give your work a consistent, recognizable, and professional look and feel.


A brand is more than a logo — it’s the essence of who we are as an school. Familiarize yourself with the strategy behind our brand in our refreshed brand guideline.


Explore how the verbal and visual aspects of our brand platform help us develop consistent and compelling communications that create lasting bonds with our audiences.


Refer to GSSM's Editorial Style Guide (pdf) to ensure clarity and consistent use of grammar, terms, and style when writing on behalf of the school. 


Find all the tools and guidelines you need to create or order branded communications. Access logos, colors and graphic elements. Build branded communications using downloadable resources including PowerPoint, Word, and flyer templates.

Downloadable Files