Q: How do I apply for GoSciTech?
A: Parents must complete the online application and submit their child's 2020-21 first semester report card. Application deadline: May 15, 2021.  Classes fill quickly when the application opens in mid-February, so do not wait!

For special circumstances, contact the GSSM Center of Outreach at 843-383-3958 to request a paper application that can be completed and return to GSSM by US Postal Service or by fax. Fax items to 877.700.0325. 

Q: How many classes can I take?
A: You can take one class each week. Students can apply for one or up to four weeks of the program in order to experience a variety of classes.
Q: Is financial assistance available?
A: Yes, a limited amount of need-based financial aid is available to residents of South Carolina. The need-based assistance is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Families who are interested in applying for assistance must complete the financial assistance section of the GoSciTech application. If applying for financial assistance, you will be asked to submit proof of income through your family's (guardian) 2019 or 2020 Federal Income Tax Return (1040) or a proof document.    
Q: What will the daily schedule look like?
A: Program schedule
Sunday: Check-in 2-4PM  
Monday through Friday: Class 9AM-4:30PM (Lunch: 12-1PM), dinner and evening activities 5-10:30PM, lights out 11PM
Saturday: Closing Presentations 9:30AM, Dismissal 11AM
Q: How much does GoSciTech cost?
A: Tuition for each course varies per course but ranges from $830-$930. Tuition covers meals, lodging, staffing and all other related educational materials, unless otherwise noted. Students may bring a small amount of money for concession machines and other extracurricular expenses.

Q: What are the payment deadlines?
A: The $200 non-refundable deposit is required within two weeks of your acceptance to hold your spot in the class of your preference. Full payment is due three weeks before the student's class start date.  

Q: If I attend GoSciTech two or more consecutive weeks, am I required to move out between weeks?
A: Yes, we need to allow our staff a break between camp weeks and time to prepare the dorm rooms for new campers. All campers must be picked up on Saturday before 11AM.
Q: When do I check in and check out?
A: Check-in is from 2-4PM in the Gym of the GSSM campus in Hartsville, SC, on the Sunday that your camp week starts. All campers must be picked up before 11AM on the Saturday of their camp weekends.
Q: Where do I stay during the week?
A: GSSM is a residential school; all campers reside in one of our single gender double occupancy dorm rooms on either the male or female wing. Please refer to the Center for Outreach Summer Program Student Handbook for what to bring and what not to bring.
Q: Can I request a roommate?
A: Yes, you may request a roommate of the same gender.
Q: May I bring my own laptop or other electronic devices?
A: We do not recommend that campers bring a laptop or other electronic devices. We cannot guarantee the security of these devices while on campus.  Students may bring cell phones, but we request parents set clear guidelines on use. Cell phones cannot be used during class time. If devices are deemed to be used inappropriately, they will be confiscated and returned to parents at the end of camp during checkout.

Q: I'm having trouble joining the mailing list and starting my application! What should I do?
A: Try these suggestions:

  1. Use the web browsers Firefox or Chrome.
  2. Some businesses and schools have firewalls that may block the application website. You may need to complete the application on a personal internet network.
  3. Some phones and tablets are not compatible with the application website. You may need to complete the application with a personal device.

Q: Course Availability?
A: Courses stay open within the online application when the class is full.  If the students first choice class is full, parents will be notified and a second choice class can be selected before the student is enrolled.  Students will automatically be placed on the waiting list if a course is full and notified if a spot opens up, even if they select a second class to enroll.