Sent of Behalf of GSSM Senior Vice President for Residential, Mr. Danny Dorsel:

Dear GSSM Students and Families,

The first day of school is right around the corner—Monday, August 17th!  We will be starting with a “soft start” so that students can acclimate to their class schedule and the GSSM community for the upcoming fall semester. Below, please find information that should help students navigate next week.

  1. Check your Outlook email.
    • Outlook is our main way to communicate so it should be checked daily.
    • Create folders in Outlook to organize your emails.
  2. Review the YouTube video tutorials found on the SCGSSM Student Help Videos.
    • Short instructional videos on how to use Outlook, Zoom, and Canvas can be found on the linked site.
  3. Monday and Tuesday Schedule (August 17th and 18th)
    • Mrs. Bryan, our registrar, has sent all schedules to students.If you do not have yours, contact Mrs. Bryan immediately.
    • Your teacher has sent or will be sending you an email with her or his Zoom number by the end of this week. That is the number you should use for her or his class.
    • You will attend all classes as you normally would on Monday and Tuesday.
    • You will not attend labs or seminars (Life and Leisure, Academic Transition for Juniors and College Planning Seminar II for Seniors).
      • Emails and short videos for these seminars will be sent to you by your teacher for those seminars.
  4. Opening of school welcome by Dr. Sims will be at 4:00 PM on Monday, August 17th via our Livestream Site.
  5. Playfair will be held at 6:00 PM on Monday, August 17th.
    • Playfair is a national organization that specializes in team building activities. It is designed to help students get to know each other and identify common interests. It is an annual part of GSSM’s Welcome Week and required for all students.
  6. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Schedule (August 19th-21st)
    • During the morning hours, 8 AM to noon, teachers will hold individual or small group meetings with all of their students to get to know them better. Teachers will schedule these meetings with their students.
    • During the afternoon and evening hours community building opportunities will be offered. Dr. Cathy Thomas, Dean of Students, will be sending updates from campus life. Their departmental newsletter is forth coming with details about meetings and activities next week. This correspondence will be going to the students’ GSSM email accounts.
    • No classes will be held during these days in the morning or afternoon.
  7. Monday, August 24th
    • Normally class, lab, and seminar schedule begins.
    • QUEST and tutoring centers will begin this week.
      • Ms. Barnett will be sending more detailed information out about QUEST and tutoring centers.

We are looking forward to a great start to the fall semester. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Mr. Danny Dorsel
Senior VP for Residential
SC Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics