Since our last communication regarding the additional preventative measures and procedures for day-to-day operations as they pertain to the COVID-19 coronavirus, our campus leaders have worked closely to implement and develop a contingency plan for school closure in the case of a confirmed case or declared state of emergency. 

As we learn more about the international, national, and local circumstances we will continually update our strategies and communicate them to all of our stakeholders. With this in mind, I would like to share our communication plan and decision-making process should we need to close the campus.

Communication Plan: Immediately following notification of a decision to close the campus, the communication protocol will include:

  1. The Office of the President will notify all division leaders and department chairs of campus closure. 
  2. Communications will go out to all faculty, staff, students, and parents regarding campus closure via Mailchimp. 
    • Parents will be provided with specific instructions for student departure.
  3. The Office of the President will communicate with the Board of Trustees of campus closure and status of evacuation process.
  4. Communication of process and status of campus closure via website and social media.

Campus Closure Process: 

Timeline: Closure of the Residence Halls will be completed within twelve hours of the notice for campus closure. Upon completion of the evacuation process, Residence Life staff will have one hour to perform shutdown procedure for student housing.

Final Closure: Campus Security staff will have two hours to perform shutdown the campus.  Following the official closure of the campus, we will proceed with any precautionary sanitization and/or decontamination procedures as an added safety measure.

Academics: During any period for which the campus must remain closed, all residential students will attend classes virtually using the Zoom platform. All residential faculty and students will receive training on the use of Zoom. In addition, the school will ensure that all students have the necessary capability to participate in classes remotely.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the details of this very unique situation.  We will continue to monitor health conditions as we receive guidance from local and state health officials about the status of COVID-19 in South Carolina.