What Drives You?

Are you ready to achieve more? Do you long to take on newer, bigger challenges?

Imagine yourself at the S.C. Governor's School for Science & Mathematics: Surrounded by students who love to learn, immersed in advanced STEM courses, researching solutions to real-world problems.

If you're talented, motivated, and looking for more, you've just found a school, and a community of scholars, as driven as you are.

Now, dive in and discover if GSSM is your next smart move. Let's start with finding the program that best fits where you are and where you want to go...

Live On Campus or Stay In Your School?

Residential, Early College High School

Four female students study together in a residence hall room.Live on campus with friends who share your drive for more. Take advanced courses from PhD instructors who help you get to the top of your game. For 11th and 12th grades. Apply in the spring of your 10th grade year.

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Dual-Enrollment Engineering - Accelerate

A four-way screen displays a teacher in the upper left corner and the image of students attending remotely from three schools.If your school is an Accelerate partner, apply in the 9th Grade for our 3-Year engineering program to earn up to 50 College credits, and a full year of collegiate Engineering courses.

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"I had the misconception coming here that I'd have to sacrifice learning in the other fields to pursue STEM, but that wasn't the case. I didn't lose anything. I just gained new opportunities."

Patricio Ortiz | Class of 2020