EHS Manager

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Position Summary:
Lead, manage and coordinate all aspects of Division goals and objectives in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS).

Scope/Supervision and Interaction:
Will report to the General Manager or Operations Manager dependent on division size and structure and work with their staff on a regular basis. In matters of EHS, will directly supervise the facility's EHS coordinators.

Essential Functions:
- Develop and implement programs and procedures to meet Division objectives and targets in EHS. Key focus points include:
   - Accident Prevention
   -EHS Regulatory Compliance
   -Energy management and use reduction
   -Waste minimization
   -Management Systems (as required)
- Coordinate all EHS training
- Support and manage corrective actions from Corporate EHS audits
- Onsite contact for Corporate EHS Department and under Corporate direction manage EPA actions such as, but not limited to, NOV's, cleanups and complaints
- Onsite contact for Corporate EHS Department and under their direction manage OSHA actions such as, but not limited to, inspections, letters of noncompliance, informal conferences
- Direct all applicable EHS reporting requirements in a timely and accurate manner
- Maintain necessary EHS records
- Insure compliance with Corporate EHS Policy and Directives
- Chair ISO 14000 and 18000 Committees (if applicable)
- Support customer EHS requirements (i.e. IMDS).
- Develop, measure and track internal EHS metrics, plans and goals
- Report directly to division management and at staff meetings on EHS matters
- Insure the training of new facility EHS coordinators
- Attend biannual EHS Conference or annual Country council meetings
- Direct the division's waste management (recycling) program
- Support and integrate EHS into Lean, HR and supply chain efforts

- BS degree in a technical field, preferably EHS (extensive experience with certificate programs, seminars and CEU's or associates degree possibly acceptable).
- A strong working knowledge of EHS regulations
- Experience in a manufacturing environment
- Experience in ergonomics and Behavior Based Safety a plus
- 5+ years of applicable experience
- Can work independently
- Strong communication and computer skills
- Creative ability in insuring safety of employees, the environment while meeting the needs of production
- Ability to plan and implement EHS programs
- Strong presentation skills
- Ability to work effectively with management as well as associates from the floor
- Must be able to travel and work out of the office

Additional Comments:
The essential functions have been provided as examples of the type of work performed by employees assigned to this job classification. The company reserves the right to modify the work assignments and/or to make reasonable accomodatoins so that qualified employees can perform the essential functions. The job description is not intended to be an all inclusive list of duties and responsibilites. It is intended to describe the general nature of the position. 

If you are interested in applying for this employment opportunity, please contact Meg Senn, Alumni Relations and Career Services ManagerWhen emailing, please include a copy of your resume as an attachment.