Engineering Manager

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Position Summary:
Responsible to lead, manage and provide technical direction to multiple product development engineering teams across technical disciplines. Leads the technical effort, defines long-term engineering plans, and ensures program objectives and contractual requirements or customer expectations are met.

Scope/Supervision and Interaction:
Division staff position; direct report to a division General Manager. Has direct reporting managers or supervisors over varying engineering disciplines and may have expert-level engineers on staff.

Responsible for interaction with major customers and division leadership to review technical capabbilities and porject status. May have cross-business unit or division interface on common technical issues or customers and regular interation with business and operational staff members.

Essential Functions:
1. Align engineering objectives and project plans with overall business unit or Division strategy. Develop plans for multiple project teams and determine resource allocation by reviewing technical proposals, internal and subcontract capabilities, and conferring with management. Manage the deployment of resources among teams and for engineers assigned to various programs (e.g. matrix to a business team).
2. Provide leadership and direction on product development and research activities and the introduction of new technology; maintains research streams. Lead the team and expert staff in interpreting complex technical requirements, managing associate risk throughout the development cycle, and completing technical studies and design reviews.
3. Maintain frequent formal and informal program management and customer interface to present status and/or refine project plans; assess and make technical determinations on changes in customer requirements (e.g. design specifications, change impact on cost/schedule)
4. Determines the implementation of internal product development processes (e.g. structured design process) and assesses conformance, impact and trends in development time and cost. Maintains consisten engineering practices, standards, and documentation procedures and reporting capabilites. Takes appropriate steps to protect and safeguard Parker Intellectual property.
5. Accountable for full budget planning and cost management with significant impact on division engineering costs and that may include engineering systems and multiple facilities. With division leadership, develops long-range plans to meet both current and anticipated growth and resource challenges (e.g. workforce planning; new technical systems investments).
6. Partners with customers or program management to identify opportunites for product innovation or systems solutions and leads innovation that results in breakthrough solutions. Interfaces with division staff and serves as a primary liaison on technical capabilities. Provides input to the technology roadmap and division business plans. 
7. Make recommendations and deisions on human resources actions (e.g. staffing, training, compensation, etc.): consults with leadership on exceptional cases. Communicate and implement actions to ensure Parker values and company policies ar well understood and maintained (e.g. business ethics, integrity, inclusion).
8. Identify and create technical training and development plans. Mentor or serve as a resource to share specialized knowledge with others. Maintain leadership and technical capabilities through continued education or training. 

1. Bachelor degree (BS) (or Professional Engineer (PE) certificate) in engineering or a science technical discipline; Masters degree (MS or MBA) preferred.
2. Demonstrated ability to perform the essential functions of the job typically acquired through 12-15 years of related experience. Has prior leadership responsibliity for 4 or more years including management of multiple teams and projects.
3. Comprehensive knowledge and overall understanding of multiple engineering and/or scientific fields and specialized product/system integration requirements. Ability to apply and integrate knowledge of other related enigineering areas or experts to create differentiated competitive advantage. Proficient with project management, engineering documentation, and engineering analysis tools.
4. Demonstrated ability to assess and lead research and investment in new technologies and in creating linkage between product/system design, manufacturing, and business results.
5. Ability to apply program management principles to the products development cycle, and apply cost accounting principles and methods (e.g. earned value management). Experience with comprehensive program and design reviews and/or other customer requirements, industry practices, regulations and policies.
6. Ability to effectively influence the overall team and functional objectives. Ability to delegate and empower leaders and teams. Ability to guide and develop the team and create an effective leadership development plan and succession pipeline.
7. Thorough knowledge of competitor and industry practices, government regulations and internal policies.
8. Rcognized as an influential business partner. Has strong facilitation skills and ability to communicate effectively to varied audiences to gain support or resolve issues. Makes effective presentations on complex or sensitive topics to top management, customers and/or other key stakeholders.
9. Effective speaker and presenter; serves as a spokesperson or in a liaison role with universities and other research institutions and industry associations. Ability to respond to significant inquires from customers, regulatory agencies, or other internal teams.

Additional Comments:
The essential functions have been provided as examples of the type of work performed by employees assigned to this job classification. The company reserves the right to modify the work assignments and/or to make reasonable accomodatoins so that qualified employees can perform the essential functions. The job description is not intended to be an all inclusive list of duties and responsibilites. It is intended to describe the general nature of the position. 

If you are interested in applying for this employment opportunity, please contact Meg Senn, Alumni Relations and Career Services ManagerWhen emailing, please include a copy of your resume as an attachment.