Financial Analyst

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Company/Organization: Career Services Center

Location: South Carolina

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Job Summary: 

The Financial Analyst’s primary responsibility is to analyze financial information such as, but not limited to, company financial statements, personal financial statements, and credit reports in order to underwrite the risk of extending trade credits limits primarily on an unsecured basis and expand the purchasing power of customers. The Financial Analyst will provide continuous monitoring of customers' financial stability while ensuring that the agreed upon terms of sale are adhered to.
The Financial Analyst will develop and participate in creating alternative financing arrangements when appropriate.  The Financial Analyst will also follow up on delinquent accounts in order to understand customers’ business models and any inability to abide by the agreed upon payment terms and work with customers to return their account to an acceptable status.  The Financial Analyst will monitor orders placed by customers and will explore various financing alternatives to maximize customers’ purchasing power .
Additionally, the Financial Analyst will contribute to and enhance the benchmarking database to expand business intelligence and proactively identify sales growth opportunities.
The Financial Analyst will ensure compliaScanSource Inc.’s profitable revenue opportunities within predetermined risk parameters as designed to develop and maintain quality partnerships.

Job Duties:

I. Customer Account Management

Effectively manage an assigned Accounts Receivable portfolio by building positive relationships with customers’ executive teams and ScanSource sales units while keeping past due percentages and Days Sales Outstanding at acceptable levels.
Monitor customers’ financial condition on a periodic basis.  Conduct periodic reviews of financial reporting, utilize the Reseller Financial Analysis tool to document financial trends and ensure compliance with terms of sale. 
Communicate with customers’ executive team and staff in order to resolve past due balances, discrepancies and financial issues.
Conduct reviews of customer files to ensure the files contain proper, accurate, and complete documentation for the RFS team’s collaboration.
Monitor and approve pending customer orders within predetermined underwriting authority and ensure that the orders are in compliance with agreed upon terms of sale.
Interact extensively with Account Analysts to determine appropriate actions to take with customer accounts in regard to underwriting and/or collection decisions.

II. Business Development

Coordinate with sales and business development teams to target key customer prospects and alert sales of existing customers for sales growth across sales units.
Establish and maintains a positive relationship with customers by responding quickly and effectively to requests.
Build solid business relationships with customers and gain an understanding of the customer’s business model through regular telephone conversations with customer executives.
Serve as a customer advocate by asking discovery questions to understand the customer’s business and proactively present the best financial options for the customer’s consideration and potential implementation.  The presented financial options should increase the customer’s purchasing power, optimize the customer’s cash flow, and maximize ScanSource sales opportunities while balanced with risk management.
Import customer applications and related documentation (e.g. financial statements, trade reports, etc.) into the electronic credit files.
Input data from various sources into the electronic RFS Analysis tool, including but not limited to, financial data, trade credit report data, and various other historical performance measures.
Explore alternative financial solutions expressed by customers as areas of interest.  
Interact extensively with all sales units and customers to negotiate transactions and communicate underwriting decisions. 
Provide customers with feedback on financial condition and trends in their business; provide information to customers on best practices in the industry.
Periodically review each customer’s utilization of all available financial options and provide recommendations to customers about other available resources.
Expand financial value added services and build stronger, long-term business relationships.

III. Financial Underwriting

Evaluate results of investigations and financial analysis when applicable to establish Trade Credit Limits, approve Order Releases, and conduct periodic reviews within predetermined underwriting authority.  Make recommendations to management on Trade Credit Limits, Spike Amounts, special credit arrangements and payment terms that exceed authority.
Understand and communicate RFS’s financing alternatives to customers for both Trade Credit Limits and Spike Amounts as necessary to augment underwriting of orders in excess of the customer’s approved Trade Credit Limit..
Monitor customers and the market place in order to keep the RFS and ScanSource management teams informed on any potential credit and/or market challenges within the respective channel.
Participate in the development of RFS financial tools including, including but not limited to, areas involving financial analysis, benchmarking, alternative financing solutions, expanding customers’ purchasing power, optimizing customers’ cash flow, and increasing the overall efficiency of the department.
Analyze customers’ financial positions and business models to make an informed and effective decision and/or recommendation on a course of action.
Ensure a high degree of accuracy, consistency, and timeliness when analyzing financial statements, writing a financial review, and completing RFS forms.
Understand customers’ financing needs and leverage resources available from ScanSource and third party financial vendors.  Engage appropriate sales units as necessary.
Compile and evaluate data for credit/financial benchmarking, credit/financial score validation, and constant reporting.

IV. Teamwork

Identify and provide relevant information related to changing trends on a customer’s account; i.e., recent customer success, change in financial condition, change in payment pattern.
Communicate effectively with other RFS team members through Financial Reviews, RFS Forms, Activity Logs, and other outlets  of communication.  
Reviews customers’ accounts and work in cooperation with Account Analysts to bring resolution to customer issues.
Respond to questions from all other RFS team members regarding commonly used financial metrics and other financial issues.
Perform various job-related projects as needed.

V. Process Effectiveness and Efficiencies

Assist with the development and implementation of process improvements to promote efficiencies and improved customer experiences.  Properly document actions to allow for adequate and efficient back-up coverage, i.e., Activity Log, GetPaid, etc.
VI. Other duties as assigned

VII. Regular attendance is an essential function of the Financial Analyst position


Reporting Relationships: 

Reports directly to Executive Director of RFS
Interact routinely with middle and upper management of internal and external customers (i.e. Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Controllers, Executives and Principals).  Promote customer goodwill even when involved in adversarial or difficult communications.


Minimum of a Bachelor degree in Accounting/Finance and four years relevant working experience within credit and financial management disciplines
Excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to relate well to all levels of management.
Strong problem solving, decision making, and timely follow-up skills with demonstrated abilities to work well within defined time restraints and pressure situations.
Organization skills, time management skills and possess qualities of leadership, professionalism and teamwork.
Must be highly proficient in computer software applications (Microsoft Office: Excel and Word) and demonstrated ability to learn mainframe applications. 
Must be extremely thorough, self-starter and disciplined to working with little or no supervision.
This individual must demonstrate a commitment to excellence.
Financial underwriting and customer relationship experience in distribution environment.
Financial underwriting and customer relationship experience within a technology industry

Proficiency in foreign language (Spanish, Portuguese, French, German)
SAP Experience