IT Governance Control Intern (Temporary)

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Company/Organization: Career Services Center

Location: South Carolina

Contact Renee Williamson - - for more information and to apply.

•    The IT Governance Control Intern will be directly supervised by the IT Governance Control Manager and is responsible for:
•    Performing S-Ox IT audit testing of in-scope systems
•    Gathering and reviewing control evidence to assist the internal audit activity
•    Assisting with documentation of IT policies and procedures
•    Performing other IT compliance audits (license review, separations, etc.)
•    Assisting with other IT Governance activities
Education and experience qualifications:
•    Pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Management Information Systems, Computer Science, or similar  
•    Must be a current student
•    Minimum GPA of 3.0
Intern qualities / skills:
•    Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
•    Strong written and verbal communication skills
•    Team-oriented
•    Strong organization and time management skills
•    Self-starter mentality
•    Proficient with basic computer skills, including Excel