Outside Plant (OSP) Engineering Manager

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This position will be based in Charlotte, NC.
Google is proud to boast a network that provides service to millions of Internet users around the world. The Network Engineering team is responsible for operating that network reliably and at scale. As a member of the team, you have a direct impact on design and feature enhancements to keep our systems running smoothly. You also ensure that network operations are safe and efficient by monitoring network performance, coordinating planned maintenance, adjusting hardware components and responding to network connectivity issues. Google's complex network generates a constant stream of challenges which require you to continually be innovative with an evolving set of technologies. Keeping the network reliable ensures that our users stay connected with our suite of applications, products and services.
Oversee the design of the Outside Plant Fiber Network from beginning with Prelim Design through to a fully constructible job package.
Manage the production of efficient designs for new development, network relocations and network upgrades.
Establish relationship with local third parties and ensure efficient processes are in place.
Support finance metric development, reporting and dashboard reporting.
Minimum qualifications
BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience.
7 years of industry experience.
Experience managing capital intensive technical programs.
Experience directly managing a team. Program Management experience.
Preferred qualifications
MBA or graduate degree or equivalent in a management, technical, or engineering field.
Ability to develop the process flow to accelerate FTTH design with incredible value.
Demonstrated ability to employ good troubleshooting skills and creative problem solving abilities under pressure.
Ability to work cross-functionally with the product manager to normalize addresses and key data, and coordinate with the city project manager to track as-built documentation.
At Google, we're always trying to provide our users with the fastest services possible. Google Fiber works to go the very last mile, providing fiber-optic Internet connections directly to users' homes. We're building one of the fastest networks in America so that users can experience the future of broadband because we know that your Internet connection can never be too fast.
If you are interested in this position, email cover letter and resume to Meg (meg@scgssm.org).