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Mark Godwin, PhD

Physics Instructor

Education and Research

  • Research: Isovector giant quadrupole resonance observed in 89Y(p,γ)90Zr, Fluctuation effects in radiative captures to unstable final states: A test via 89Y(p,γ) reaction at E = 19.6 MeV, Search for p waves in low-energy proton captures reactions relevant to the solar neutrino problem
  • PhD, Duke University
  • MA, Duke University
  • BS, Grove City College

Courses Taught

  • Physics 161, 162, or 151, 152, or 101, 102 (Introductory physics in various formats)
  • Modern Physics
  • Fluid, Thermo, Optics
  • Interim Courses: Educational travel (2023-2024 England and France)

Joined GSSM in 1998