Sent on behalf of Mr. Danny Dorsel:

Dear GSSM Families,

As you may know, Sunday marks the beginning of the 2-week period that ends with our anticipated move-in day for those students and families who have registered to return for the first Spring Semester session in residence. As part of our Return to Residency Plan, we have asked those students and their families to take extra precautions during this time to make our return to campus a success for everyone.

This afternoon, our Chief Information Officer, Jon Shannon sent a message to students about a daily electronic survey that students are being asked to complete. It is voluntary, and asks 4-5 questions about social distancing practices and how they are feeling each day. A high level of participation will build confidence that our students are accepting their role to keep our campus safe and healthy. Please encourage your student to participate each day through move-in day. I am copying Mr. Shannon's letter below for your information. If you have questions about REACH, or your student is having trouble with the survey, please feel free to reach out to him.


Mr. Danny Dorsel
Interim President and Senior Vice President for Residential
SC Governor's School for Science + Mathematics



I hope your spring semester classes are off to a good start. 

On Sunday, we will enter the 2-week window leading up to our anticipated move-in date of January 24th. We are encouraged by the Student Council’s support of quarantining during this period. Our ability to keep residence halls open starts with our student body arriving COVID-free. 

To promote awareness of your role in a safe return plan, we will begin pushing out a daily Safety Check survey through REACH starting on Sunday morning. I strongly encourage you to complete this survey each morning. It takes only 10-15 seconds.  

Through your participation, and that of your classmates, we will have a basis upon which to develop confidence that the student body is taking a strong leadership role in ensuring everyone’s safety. 

If you have not used REACH before, it is a small app that installs on your Apple or Android phone or tablet. 

To install the REACH app, open the app store on your device and search for the REACH Boarding app. It has a logo that looks like the picture at the bottom of this message.. 

Once you install the app, log in by searching for Governor, selecting SC Governor's School from the list, then log in using the same username and password that you use for Canvas.

You can also log into REACH on a computer using this link: 

When you arrive at school, you’ll be required to complete a similar REACH survey each day before leaving your room. The pre-return survey that starts on Sunday is voluntary, but we strongly encourage you to demonstrate your commitment to our Return to Residency Plan by filling it out each day. 

You have an important role to play in keeping your friends, classmates, and teachers safe this spring. That work begins in earnest as we enter the 2-week period before returning to campus. Please do your best to make that return a happy and safe one. We can’t wait to see you back on campus. 

If you have trouble using REACH, let me know.

Keep safe and healthy!

Jon Shannon
Chief Information Officer