Sent on Behalf of Interim President / Senior Vice President for Residential, Mr. Danny Dorsel:

Dear Families,

We are working hard to get the campus ready for our first Spring Residency starting this Sunday.

If your student is registered to move in on Sunday, we are asking you to sign the required consent form for your student to participate in COVID-19 testing and the contact tracing system I discussed in my email last week. This consent is necessary for your student to attend classes in residence. 

Later today, the person in your family who is signed up for our Reach Leave approval system will get an email with an invitation to review and indicate their agreement to the consent form online. This is a different and streamlined approach to providing consent from what we’ve used in the past.  

If you have any trouble with the consent form, please send an email to

Giving your consent online before move-in day will speed you along through the check-in line, but there will also be paper forms at check-in for you to sign if necessary. It must be signed by a custodial parent or guardian.

Thank you for entrusting your student to us. We’re looking forward to seeing them on Sunday.

Mr. Danny Dorsel
Interim President / Senior Vice President for Residential
SC Governor's School for Science + Mathematics