Sent on behalf of Interim President / Senior Vice President for Residential, Mr. Danny Dorsel:

Dear GSSM Community,
After months of planning, I am proud to report a successful Return to Residency. My thanks go out to everyone who helped make it happen. 
Please find below some updates and reminders from the week.
COVID-19 testing, cases, and contract tracing

  • All students reported to residency with negative tests on Sunday.
  • The results from the Tuesday campus-wide testing were negative for all students and employees.
  • On Monday night, we were alerted that a student was a close contact, prior to returning to the residency, with a person who had tested positive on Monday night. The student returned home on Tuesday morning prior to the campus-wide testing to begin the quarantine protocol. We were alerted Thursday night that this student, after returning home, received a positive test result. We immediately began our contract tracing protocol. As a result, three community members began their quarantine period last night.
    • We thank these community members for quickly helping us identify a positive case and for following our contract tracing and quarantine protocols.  
    • The commitment that these community members displayed gives me confidence in our safety precautions and plan.
  • For us to maintain a healthy community, we must all take personal responsibility and act quickly.

Reminders of safety precautions

  • The vast majority of students have been doing the following:
    • Wearing masks
    • Wearing tags
    • Completing the daily morning REACH survey
  • We need to do a better job of physically distancing, especially when waiting in the dining hall line.
    • Please do not wait for another student, faculty, or staff to ask you to move back.  
    • Be aware of your own spacing.
  • Some members of the student body have not followed all of the safety precautions as they should. These students and their families have been alerted and reminded of the seriousness of following them.
    • As a reminder, if a student does not follow the safety precautions, she or he will return home for the remainder of the year.  
    • Please take personal responsibility and remain in residency.

Patience to Proactive

  • At the beginning of the week, I asked that everyone be patient as we embarked on implementing the plan for this week.
  • I ask now that you be proactive.
    • Be proactive in helping others follow the safety precautions.
    • Be proactive in your classes to help your fellow classmates and teachers provide the best learning experience possible.
    • Be proactive in connecting with others in the GSSM community.

GSSM COVID-19 information found on our webpage

  • We have COVID-19 updates and information that can be found on our webpage:
  • There are three sections: Dashboard, Communications, and Resources.
  • Some community members mentioned that they did not know about this webpage, so I wanted to make sure everyone knew where to locate it.

Our first week has gone well with room for improvement in the areas of physical distancing, completing the daily Reach survey before leaving rooms, and ensuring that our contact tracing tags are charged and turned on as we move about campus. If we do these things, we maximize our chances of staying healthy and remaining in residence through Spring Break.

Working together, we can do it!


Mr. Danny Dorsel
Interim President / Senior Vice President for Residential
SC Governor's School for Science + Mathematics