Important GoSciTech - Residential Information for Parents

PLEASE NOTE: This information pertains to 2022 GoSciTech. It will be updated for GoSciTech 2023 soon.

Please read the Student Handbook for more details about living at GSSM.  The PDF can be found here: 2022 Student Handbook.
Payment Deadlines

The application deadline is May 13, 2023. A $200 non-refundable deposit is required within two (2) weeks of acceptance into GoSciTech in order to secure your class preference. Full payment is due three (3) weeks before the student's camp start date. If full payment is not received on or before the payment deadline (see payment chart below), the student may be withdrawn from the class and will not receive a refund of previously paid funds. To secure the course selection, early payments are encouraged.

WeekCamp DatesPayment deadline
1June 11-16May 19
2June 18-23May 26
3June 25-30June 2
Refunds and Cancellations

Program fee refunds must be requested in writing before May 13, 2023. If a class is cancelled for any reason, students will be given the option to transfer to another available class or receive a full refund of all tuition paid. All inquiries should be directed to Susan Engelhardt, program director.

Mobile Phones

We know that parents and campers value the ability to be able to call each other at a moment's notice. Although we do not prohibit mobile phones, usage during any instructional or assembly time is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise approved by the instructor or camp director. Please see our Discipline Codes in the Student Handbook (pdf) for more information regarding the misuse of mobile phones.

Parents are responsible for setting clear guidelines for mobile phone use with their campers. GSSM is not responsible for phone or text content, usage or phone bills incurred while attending any GoSciTech activity, including loaning phones to friends or placing calls after lights out.

Prescription Medication & Over-the-Counter Medication

Prescribed Medication
All medications must be registered and kept in the nurses’ office

We highly recommend that medications taken by your child during the regular school year (ADD, ADHD, antidepressants, etc.) be given during the summer camp due to its intense academic rigor.  

Permission for Administration of Prescription Medication form must be signed by a physician and submitted at camp check-in with each prescription drug that the camper brings before the nurse can give any medications to campers. Medications should be in original containers and inside a Ziploc bag along with clear instructions for administration. Bring these medications to camp check-in to turn them over to the nurse.

Note: Medications are not to be transferred between campers. Improper use of prescription and non-prescription drugs is a major infraction and will result in dismissal from camp. All medications must be in the ORIGINAL LABELED CONTAINER.

Over-the-Counter medications (non-prescription)
Please DO NOT bring any type of over-the counter (OTC) medications unless absolutely necessary. Generic equivalent OTC medications such as Tylenol and Advil (generically known as acetaminophen and ibuprofen), Pepto-Bismol, Imodium, Claritin, Benadryl, and Dayquil will be available to campers in the nurse’s office. Medications must be approved by parent/guardian before the nurse can give any medications to campers.  

If you're having trouble with the application

Having trouble using the online application or joining our mailing list? We've found that families have had success trying these suggestions:

  1. Use another browser. We've had very good luck with Chrome and Firefox.
  2. A firewall or other device at work or school may block the application website. Try accessing the application from your home or other personal network.
  3. Some phones and tablets are not compatible with the application website. Try accessing the application from a laptop or desktop computer.
Contact the GoSciTech staff

Susan Engelhardt, GoSciTech Director

Melissa Hoffman, Outreach Programs Coordinator

Randall M. La Cross, Senior Vice President for Virtual & Outreach
Outreach fax: 843-383-3950

To insure the safety of our campers and families, all staff working with campers complete a South Carolina Law Enforcement (SLED) background check.

Other Important Contact Information:
Main GSSM phone number: 843.383.3900
GSSM Center for Science Education & Outreach: 843.383.3958
GSSM Security: 843.992.0377

Send mail to your camper

Campers love to get care packages! Address them to:

SCGSSM - GoSciTech
Your camper's name
401 Railroad Avenue
Hartsville, SC 29550

We cannot guarantee forwarding for mail that is delivered to a camper after they have left camp.

Application Deadline

Your application must be complete by May 13, 2023.