Dr. Matt Martin

Director of Academic Programs

What's your educational background? 

Fort Mill High School Fighting Yellow Jacket

BA Furman University

MA Oxford University

PhD University of Virginia

How long have you worked at GSSM?

July 1st, 2019

What's the best thing about working at GSSM?

Our people and our mission

What is your perfect pizza?  


Who inspires you and why?

Barack Obama: smart, cool, funny, inspirational

What's the best thing about Hartsville?

It reminds me of my hometown when I was growing up.

What quotation tells us the most about you?

"The mystery of how little we know of other people is no greater than the mystery of how much." -- Eudora Welty The Optimist's Daughter

If you could invite any historical figure to dinner, who would it be, and why?

William Shakespeare, Toni Morrison, and Eudora Welty. I love them all and would love to see how their genius manifested itself.

Care to share something about yourself that others would not expect?

My favorite movie is The Way We Were, a weepy love story starring Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford.