We tell our stories with a distinctive voice that is confident, committed, optimistic and trustworthy. Our voice is always authentic; our tone can vary depending upon our audience.

Download our Content guideline and Messaging matrix to help you craft your messages to your specific target audiences.

All of our messages need to be clear, consistent and compelling. To use our voice effectively, we need to think about who we are speaking to, what we need to say and how best to say it. Throughout our content guideline, you will find helpful resources for developing messages that meet this standard. Use our writing tips and brand narrative to help you craft a compelling, engaging message. These steps will help develop and focus your messages.

1. Determine your audience and objective.

Figure out who you’re talking to before you decide what to say. Consider what you know about them and the desired relationship you want them to have with the school. Your audience will help determine the tone you select and the voices you should emphasize.

2. Determine the attribute(s).

Consult the messaging matrix to align your topic with specific attributes. When possible, connect supporting points with a secondary message to strengthen your communication.

3. Determine the benefit.

Once you’ve established that your topic links to a brand attribute, you need to identify the benefit or benefits to your audience.

4. Craft your message.

You might have found several benefits, but you'll want to narrow your focus to the most important one — that’s what you need to get across first. Remember, use attributes and supporting points to validate benefits.

If you have a message you would like for us to review, please send over the request to communications@governors.school.