2016 Academic Award Winners

May 17, 2016

Congratulations to all of our Govies who received an award during the 2016 Academic Award Program on Sunday, May 15.

West Point Leadership Award    

Nathan Ulmer

This award is given each year to one high school junior based on their academics, athletic, community service, good citizenship and leadership abilities.

Wellesley Book Award

Vanessa Madrid

This award recognizes young women who have excelled and gives them the opportunity to become better acquainted with Wellesley. Recipients are chosen for their intelligence, determination, motivation, achievement and as academic leaders of their secondary schools.

Harvard Book Award

Anjali Mohan

As defined by the Harvard Alumni Association, the Prize Book is awarded to the outstanding student in the next-to-graduating class who "displays excellence in scholarship and high character, combined with achievement in other fields." 

Major James L. Coker Leadership Award (nominated by Humanities Division)

Sam Sisney

Established in honor of James Lide Coker, recognizing leadership, citizenship and service.

Yale University Book Award

Michelle Huang

The Award is given to a student who exhibits "Outstanding Personal Character and Intellectual Promise." 

Take Flight Award (nominated by College Counseling and Advising Office)

Kiara I. Tompkins

Presented by the parents of Jordan, Cass of 2011, and Robert, Class of 2014, the Bailey Family created this award to recognize a senior who has experienced profound personal growth at GSSM; refined their career direction through their GSSM experience; and plans to attend an out of state college or university.

Rutgers University Alumni Book Award

Isaiah Ho

This award is given to a student who has excelled in scholarship, leadership and community service.

University of South Carolina Carolina Scholar

Kylie Fletcher & Frank Brennan Webb

Timken Global Scholar

Nicole Johnson

One of 17 scholars from around the world for significant academic success, participation in school and community activities and demonstrated leadership ability.

Beta Club Scholarship

Kylie Fletcher

Competitive scholarship for National Beta Club members who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, commendable character, school and community service as well as participation in National Beta Club activities. 

Carson Scholar

Anna Kulangara

Nominated by GSSM, scholars epitomize academic excellence, have at least a 3.75 GPA and display humanitarian qualities through community service.

English Departmental Award

Junior: Lauren Hawes, Senior: Kylie Fletcher

Fleur-de-lys French Award

Matthew Berry and Alex Sizemore

Don Quixote Spanish Award

Lotta Keller and Madison Williamson

Chinese Language Award

Dhaval Patel and Savannah Dale

Biology Departmental Award

Bailey Fallon

Chemistry Departmental Award

Hamza Ahmed

Advanced Mathematics Award

Blaine Timothy Billings

Mathematics Achievement Award

Thomas-Roy Samuel Holt

Entrepreneurial Leadership Award

Ryan Moughan

Economics and Finance Award

Justin Smith

RIT Innovation Medal and Scholarship Program

Anish Chaluvadi and Sydney Lykins

Given to one female and one male student who demonstrate a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, are involved as leaders at school and/or the community, and demonstrate outstanding achievement in innovation, creativity or entrepreneurship.

RIT Computing Medal and Scholarship Program

Brennan Cain and Victoria Young

Given to one female and one male student who demonstrate pursuit of a rigorous college-preparatory program, are involved as leaders at school and/or the community, and demonstrate an interest and ability in computing.

University of Rochester Xerox Innovation and Technology Information Award

Matt Siden

Awarded to a junior who demonstrates both a strong interest and high level of achievement in innovation and/or information technology.

Engineering and Robotics Award

Elaina Danielle Stuckey

Senior Computer Science Award

Michael David Ott

Agnes Scott Book Award

Allana Mutuc

Awarded to a junior girl who has shown strong academic promise and an intellectual curiosity, who also demonstrates academic excellence, moral character, leadership abilities and service to others -- all characteristics of a student who would do well at Anges Scott. 

University of Rochester Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award

Chase Turner

Awarded to a student who demonstrates a commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues, leadership and a dedication to community action.

University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leader Award

Sam McDade

Awarded to a student for strong leadership at school and in the community, high grades in challenging courses and extensive involvement in extracurricular activities.

National History Club

Selen Berkman

National History Club Scholars

Selen Berkman and Sam McDade

History Departmental Award

Emily Milz

University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Award

Hunter Damron

Awarded to a junior taking rigorous science classes who is recognized for high achievement in science classes and high PSAT or SAT scores in mathematics.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal

Gracen Mueller

Awarded to a promising  junior student as recognition of their superlative academic achievement and to motivate that student towards careers in science, engineering and technology. 

New College of Florida Math and Science Awards

Abbie Bowman

Awarded to a junior with an innate curiosity of the world around them, a commitment to research, a love of learning and whose education philosophy reflects that of New College.

Physics Departmental Award

Selen Berkman

Dr. William C. Alexander Award (nominated by Research Office)

Bailey Rose Fallon

The recipient is a senior who has shown strong inclination toward research. She/he has successfully completed his/her SPRI requirement displayed a passion for scientific research and prepared an excellent scientific paper.

Spirit of GSSM (nominated by Student Development Office)

Mario Krussig and Emily Milz

Awarded to a student who exemplifies character, integrity passion, and respect for his/her fellow students and the entire school community. She/he is a leader dedicated to the mission and ideals of GSSM, serving as a positive role model for the campus. In addition, she/he demonstrates a commitment to community on and off campus through his/her words and deeds and is respected by his/her peers, faculty and staff.


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